Repel Germs for 24 Hours with #GermFree24

GermFree24® hand sanitizer

Cold and flu season is here. It is imperative that we keep our families healthy and safe with good hygiene practices. This is hard to do when they are at school as they can’t wash their hands 24/7 like we’d like! Some hand sanitizers only work while wet and can leave hands dry, cracked, and even bleeding from the alcohol. What is a mom to do?!

I’m so excited to introduce you to GermFree24® hand sanitizer. This revolutionary new product works all day with just one application! You can have your kids apply it before school and be protected all day – no need to nag them about applying hand sanitizers all day long!

This post has been sponsored by Zoono USA. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Zoono’s GermFree24® doesn’t use alcohol or chemicals to kill germs like other sanitizers. GermFree24 bonds to your hands to create a nano-molecular layers of “pins” that physically kills germs on contact. It’s proven to kill all sorts of microorganisms including viruses like the flue as well as bacteria, fungi, and mold. I love that I can have my kids use GermFree24 in the morning and they are protected all day at school and even after school as one application works for 24 hours!

Just think of all the germs your kids come in contact with during 24 hours – here are a few disgusting examples.

  • Doorknob: 8,643 bacteria
  • Computer mouse: 79,000 bacteria
  • Remote control: 17,000 bacteria

Yikes! We all need GermFree24!

When my daughter was in kindergarten and first grade, she would come home with dry, cracked, bleeding hands. We figured out it was from all of the alcohol based hand sanitizers that they squirt on kids hands all day long. I felt awful about it because it took a long time to heal her poor hands.  We ended up having her request not to use the sanitizers at school and request to wash her hands instead – but this wasn’t always practical, leaving her at more risk of germs. Now she keeps a small 9ml spray bottle in her purse.

My family is at even more risk. If you are a regular reader, you know that both my kids are Type One Diabetics. With Type One Diabetes, a simple cold and the flu can send my kids to the hospital.

When I see a cold coming on with my diabetic children, I brace myself for high blood sugar numbers, keytones, sleepless nights testing, and possible hospitalization. The best thing I can do for my children is help PREVENT sickness with a product like Zoono’s GermFree24® hand sanitizer. If I can prevent the germs from causing my kids to get sick, that is the best way to care for my kids – and for your kids too!

GermFree24 doesn’t rub off with hand washing or sweating. It works all day to fight germs from getting your kids sick. Pick up this and other Zoono products on Amazon.comor on the Zoono’s website.

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