Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Celebrate Earth Day with a promise to enjoy the nature year-round in your backyards, parks, and other green spaces!

How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Every day can be Earth Day,” say Kris Kiser, President of the TurfMutt Foundation. “By using and caring for the green space around our homes, schools, municipal parks and other managed areas, the outdoors can be available to anyone at any time. And if we learned anything in the last few years, is the stress relief and health benefits available through connecting with nature.”

Do Activities OUTDOORS!

Make your front or backyard an extension of your home by playing, working, exercising and dining outside rather than inside. Consider what you can take outside instead of settling for the artificial light and closed spaces of our indoor areas. Getting outside is a terrific way to grab your daily min of 20 minutes a day of Vitamin D! The fresh air can help in reducing stress too.

Outside Video Backdrop

If you have the luxury of working from home – skip the zoom backgrounds and go natural!  The natural setting created by your yard’s living landscape – trees, flowers, bushes and other plants – is the best video call background, bar none. Just be sure to have a good noise reducing mic!

Explore a living laboratory.

Your backyard or park is an active and growing place for learning even when school isn’t in session. Take online classes under the shade of a tree. Do homework at a patio or picnic table. Brush up on STEM education by planting and studying flowers, insects, wildlife, and weather watching.

Enjoy a truly “green” spa.

The healing power of nature is only a few steps away. Let stress blow away in the breeze as you swing in a hammock. Clear your mind with a few breaths of fresh air. Meditate to the sounds of nature. Do yoga to the soundtrack of songbirds. Make your lawn your exercise mat.

Create a five-star event space.

The pandemic made traditional celebrations and gatherings challenging. But the outdoors came to the rescue for events. Now we all know the family yard and community park are five-star event spaces that are always easy to book for graduation parties, family reunions, birthday celebrations and holiday gatherings.

Set the stage for backyarding.

Creating a yard that supports all of the aspects of your family’s outdoor lifestyle means taking stock of what you might need to care for your green space. Take an inventory of your yard, your individual needs, landscape and equipment need to care for it to make sure your space will always be there for backyard memory-making.

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