Extend Halloween Night Fun with FireFly Ready Go Toothbrushes

Halloween is this week. Your kids may have already starting bringing home bags of candy from school and other Halloween events over the weekend. As you can assume, kids’ sugar consumption is a major culprit for childhood cavities. It is an epidemic consuming our country as sugar is in everything from snacks to drinks. The only solution is to keep your kids’ sugar intake in check and have a good oral care routine.

Make your kids’ oral care routine fun and they may actually enjoy brushing their teeth!The new FireFly Ready Go Light-Up Timer toothbrush is an amazing fun toothbrush that lights up, has a timer, and comes in fun colors and designs.

Firefly Ready Go Toothbrushes
FireFly Ready Go Toothbrushes

We received toothbrushes to facilitate this post.

FireFly Ready Go Toothbrushes Review

My kids have a good oral care routine and are use to brushing for 2 minutes, flossing, and rinsing. I have made it a point to teach them young so it is a habit for them. One key thing to remember is that brushing just twice a day during ‘candy season’ may not be enough. To prevent cavities during Halloween time, have your kids brush their teeth after eating all the sticky, sugary candies.

Again, if you make it fun and a ‘treat’ to do, good oral care can be enjoyable. The new FireFly Ready Go Toothbrushes extends Halloween night fun with the bright and sparkly cap and multiple color lights that light up as your child brushes.

P1140085It flashes and multiple lights for 1 minutes – bright green for “go,”  “yellow” for halfway there, and “red” for finished.  Have your child focus on either the top row of teeth or bottom row for 1 minute. Rinse. Turn the timer on again for the second row of teeth. This ensures that the tooth brushing gets to all the teeth equally and not all 2 minutes on one spot!

My kids love that it sticks to anything too. The suction cup keeps the tooth brush upright and away from a dirty counter-top or sink.

P1140089It is so sticky that it even suctions to the mirror, if you or your children are so inclined! 🙂

P1140087Surprise your kids with a healthier Halloween treat this week, stop by Target this week for a FireFly Ready Go Toothbrush in time for Halloween night. As a special Halloween night fun treat, have them brush in the dark! Your kids will love it! Check out the licensed characters of Barbie, Spider Man, Angry Birds or original FireFly in a variety of fun color for just $3.99 at Target.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to FireFly who provided the product for review.

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