Help Us Find a Puppy

We are living and breathing everything “Puppy” in our household. We have talked about getting a puppy all summer and now we are ready to commit. Tonight, our church had a picnic with a balloon artist. My kids both asked for a puppy! Elijah asked that I put their picture on my blog to show everyone their new puppies. Elijah’s puppy is gray because we wants an all gray or all white puppy in ‘real life’, his name is “Green Eyes” because of his green eyes. Elizabeth’s puppy is all pink because she is all girl and loves pink, her puppy’s name is “Daisy”.

So, we were thinking of names of our new puppy, to which we don’t even have yet. My husband named our first dog, Arnold. He is totally an “Arnold” and it is such a cute name. He wants to be creative and fun with the new puppy’s name, like calling it Herbert Nininger (from Curious George), Budget (as in Budget hotel and mutt), El Guappo (from 3 Amigos movie), Sally Jessy Raphael, FedEx, Cilantro, or Ernesta. Elijha’s favorite names are Monkey, Snake Ears, Rup, I’m not sure what is wrong with Fluffy, Buddy, Rocky, Buster, Beauty, Skippy, Chipper, or Snoopy.

Help Us Find a Puppy

We are looking for a puppy. I’ve looked at many shelters and rescues this week with no luck. I know there are many dogs that are older that need a home. My heart does go out to them. However, we are looking for a puppy. A cute, small, fluffy puppy. I want my kids to experience having fun with a small puppy and this is their one chance.

We have a 12 year old dog that has been the best dog ever. He is so gentle, good with kids, and continues to act like a puppy, even with his newy diagnosed heart problem. That being said, even with his heart medication, he won’t be around for much longer. To ease the pain (although not prevent it), we would like to introduce a puppy into our home now.

Please, help us find a puppy. We are looking for a mixed breed young puppy. We love our dog, which is a lab/shepherd/spaniel mix, to our best knowledge. We got him from Pet Guards 12 years ago.  So, for now, we are looking on all the online websites, calling shelters, etc. We haven’t had any luck finding a puppy yet.

Do you have a litter of puppies or know someone who does? We would provide it with a fun, loving home with plenty of room to run around in the yard and woods! We are looking for a dog that will be 50-75 pounds, preferably a lab mix, no pit or rottweiler, and female preferred. Again, we are looking for a young puppy so our children can experience all the delightful playfulness of the puppy! Of course, we live in the Akron area so if you live in California, it’s not going to work! LOL  Oh, and I’m sure the the puppy will make it’s appearance on many times, so you can keep tabs on it! 🙂

Email cindy @ if you have a puppy or know of one! Thanks!!!

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