Big Fan of Horses? Make the Most of Your Hobby in Ohio

Ohio is a great state to live in, no matter what your lifestyle is. There are large cities like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, but there are also plenty of suburban and rural areas where you can experience a quieter lifestyle while enjoying the land.

Perhaps you are a regular enjoyer of equine activities. Maybe you have ridden horses with your family since you were a kid in competitions, or you simply enjoy having horses and some land for them to graze on.

Whether you have been around horses all your life or you are just discovering the beauty of these animals, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your equine hobbies in the state of Ohio. Let’s dive into a few ways you can enjoy these activities.

Think About Insurance

Although horses can be ridden safely by experienced riders, they are still animals. You never know what type of incident could result in a bad fall off a horse or even a dangerous kick, resulting in serious injuries and a trip to the hospital. If you are around horses frequently, that may be incentive enough to have good life insurance. You want to ensure that your family’s future is secure in the event of the unpredictable, which is a good rule to follow even if you have no interest in riding horses. Nowadays, you can even get life insurance without a medical exam, so the process is incredibly easy and will not take much of your time.

Discover Local Equestrian Events

As a horse-lover in the state of Ohio, you are part of a large community of people who have similar interests. The key to enjoying your hobby even more is finding those people and engaging with them at local equestrian events. Throughout the state, there are several such occasions that you can either attend or participate in depending on your level of interest in horses. The Equine Affaire in Columbus takes place in April and is a great place to learn about what equine opportunities exist across the state. For up-and-coming horses/riders, the Schooling Shows at Chagrin Family Farms in Chagrin Valley are a great way to be introduced to competitive riding. No matter your interest level or current involvement, you can meet other horse fans across the state at these events. If you are bringing your horses along with you, there is always the option to rent portable horse stalls.

Buy a Large Property

If you have horses of your own and you are not interested in boarding them, then you will need a large enough property to accommodate their needs. Perhaps you do not have horses now but you would like to in the future. Either way, these animals need a lot of space to graze and run around, so you must have enough acreage to keep them happy. Before you choose a spot, it is important to consider zoning laws and building codes in the local area to ensure you actually can have horses and build stables for them. Additionally, a steady supply of water to the property will be needed to accommodate the needs of the animals and your home. If no building currently exists to house the horses, then you will also have to consider the costs of doing so. However, at the end of the day, you will get to fully enjoy owning horses with the right land purchase.

Board Your Horses

For some, riding is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. It defines who they are and they spend a lot of time riding horses, caring for them, and dedicating energy to events or competitions. For others, it is simply a way of escaping the other pressing needs of life. If caring for horses is not something you envision doing full-time, then boarding your horses makes much more sense. By doing this, you can offload the burden of care to professionals who have the property and manpower to handle it themselves. This makes your equestrian hobby much easier to handle since you do not have to worry about the everyday needs of the animals as you navigate other circumstances like work or raising children.

Never Take Horses for Granted

Enjoying a hobby typically does not take as much mental investment as it does when it involves horses. That is because these are living and breathing animals, so they are not something you can just shut into a side room of your house until the next time you are ready to engage. If you are a big fan of horses and you live in the state of Ohio, you must appreciate them for the majestic creatures they are. Whatever level of interest you have in equine activities, never take these animals or your hobby for granted.



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