BIZ Gets Even Muddy Clothes Clean

I’m like a broken record. I have always told my kids if they don’t come inside dirty, they weren’t playing hard enough outside. I never get upset when clothes come in muddy, even this muddy!

picture of Ice Skating in Mud
Ice Skating in Mud

These are some of my favorite photos of my kids when they were little. The joy on their faces is just priceless. They didn’t have a care in the world – certainly not ruining their clothes!  Actually, dirt is good for kids and their immune systems so we should encourage it.

picture of Elijah's Mud Artwork
Elijah’s Mud Artwork

I’ve been known to get muddy myself – not usually by having as much fun as I had during the Warrior Dash race but still muddy fun romping around year-round in the woods hiking with my family and dogs, gardening, or other general hard work outside.warrior dash muddy picture

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During the Super Bowl, there was a commercial that stated about 60% of household chores are done by 1 family member. I can’t remember what the ad was for but I know most of us moms are the ones who is said person. When it comes to chores, one chore that never is done and could always use more help is laundry! I always have a pile of clothes to fold. My laundry is usually always cleaned, just needs put away.

One thing that I refuse to do is rewash clothes. If the clothing doesn’t get clean the first time and still has stains, odors, etc, then my laundry process has failed. I don’t have time to rewash clothes and I bet you don’t either. I started using Biz Stain Fighter years ago and haven’t looked back. It’s essentially a stain-fighting guarantee that I toss in with every load. It makes my laundry detergent clean up to 80% better than alone! It’s pretty powerful stuff.

I’ve used the BIZ Powder most of my adult life – in every wash. It’s so easy and one box last a long time, even with an active household!  If you have really tough stains like the muddy ones above, or stinky workout clothes, you can use the powder as a pre-soak too by dissolving 1/2 cup Biz in a gallon of warm water and soak garments 1-4 hours. And you can pre-treat stained areas by making a paste and letting it rest for 1/2 hour before washing.

If you prefer a liquid, they have that too. BIZ LIQUID does the same thing as the powder but in a convenient liquid form. Just add it to your wash for up to 80% better cleaning power. You can also pre-treat stains by wetting the area with warm water, rubbing, and waiting 10 minutes before washing. I actually prefer the liquid for pre-treating stains because it’s fast and easy.

As if it wasn’t already super easy to get that laundry boost of cleaning power and fight those tough stains, now BIZ has BIZ LIQUID BOOSTER PODS! It’s SO easy to just toss a pod in with every load of wash. It’s my new favorite way to do laundry because it’s so easy – no measuring or mess at all. Plus, it is proven to out clean other Color Safe Bleach Pods – and priced better too. And, in case you worry about your kids getting into this, it’s made with Bitrex® so they’re SAFER FOR KIDS – although you should always have cleaning product up and out of reach from kids.

Beyond being absolutely amazing at keeping your clothing fresh, clean, and stain-free, you can also use Biz for around-the house cleaning and deodorizing!

Get Your Home Sparkling Clean for the Holidays with Biz

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