Make Cleaning Easier with the Right Tools

If you don’t have the right tool, any job is twice as hard or impossible to complete. This is true with home remodeling, building, auto repair, and even house cleaning. It is amazing how much easier life is when you are using the right tools for the job.

I’ve been checking out a few Butler brand cleaning products for this review and have found that it is giving my family a clear home.

For instance, we have really made good use out of this Black and Decker Deck & Patio Scrubber. rug-brush

Can you see the difference? The green pollen quickly weeps away from my 11 year old boy using this scrubber. chores

We use it for everything from our patio to outdoor rugs to clean the dirt, grime, and pollen! The bristles are stiff enough to remove dirt buildup while the soft grip handle makes it easy to use. The actual scrubbing head pivots so it is easy to get into corners too. concretebrush

Mr. Clean has a large array of mops and brooms to choose from.  I’ve been enjoying the new Breeze Self-Wringing Microfiber Mop. Using the power of a microfiber material on the floor is genius. This mop quickly picks up dust, pet hair (which we have a LOT of), and debris of all sort.


What I like most about this mop is that it is self-wringing. I hate touching wet mops, so this is great for me. It wrings away the dirty water from the microfiber quickly and easily. I’ve been using this for about a month now and have had no issues – which is amazing for me as I have poor luck with mops in general! I also like that I can wash the mop head in the washer every time I use it so I have a fresh, clean mop head every time. This is especially important to me as I don’t want to transfer bathroom germs into my kids’ bedrooms, etc.mopbottom

Another cleaning essential that makes cleaning easier and more effective is a good pair of reusable gloves like these Dawn luxe premium latex-free gloves.  These gloves feel amazing on – not chalky or sticky like other gloves. They are soft on the inside and durable on the outside. gloves

The Magic Eraser might be the best cleaning invention in the world if you ask me. Put a handle on it and scrub your toilets with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Toilet Scrubber for a clean, sparkly toilet every time. eraserbox

I have a traditional toilet bowl cleaner in every bathroom – it’s not something I actually like as they aren’t so pretty. With the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Toilet Scrubber, you can transport the cleaner with you to every bathroom if you’d like because it comes with a storage and refill caddy – or keep on in every bathroom. It’s very clean because you toss out the actual scrubber after every use – so no more nasty toilet scrub brushes in the bathroom!eraserout I can use one scrubber for all 3 of our toilets, so the scrubber does last for more than one use. It does a great job at cleaning toilets and does it makes cleaning easier too.   cleaning-toilet

For tough home remodeling, garage, and outside cleaning, I’ve really put the Step-On-It® Dust Pan to good use! Instead of bending over to hold the dust pan, you can hold it down with your foot. The rubber edge stays tight to the floor so nothing is missed. I keep a sturdy Black & Decker Broom  aside for such jobs and one for my inside floors as wel.


These are just a few tools that I’ve added to my household cleaning toolbox this summer. They have helped me to keep my home cleaner and made cleaning a little easier too.  Check out other cleaning tools that are designed to help make cleaning easy on the Butler website.

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