Simple Organizing Solution for Hanging Extra Clothing

hangerjack clothes hanger organizer

If you are using every possible extra space to hang clothing, you need a better solution. My laundry room is always full of clothes hanging all over the place until they get into the proper bedrooms. Ever have a door like this one? It’s frustrating!

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Get Organized with HangerJack

I’ve found a simple organizing solution for hanging extra clothing with HangerJack. HangerJack has a couple really easy options that will get your laundry room, closets, and garage finally organized.

hangerjack clothes hanger organizer
The heavy-duty HangerJack Gator 24 is the ultimate solution for organizing anything as it supports up to 50 lbs! It easily lays flat when not in use against your wall too. It is ideal to hold a LOT of clothing with the 24″ long extending arm. It is perfect to hang clothes out of the dryer, to store extra clothes in your closet or even in the garage for storing tools, hoses, bikes, and more. You can purchase one for just $29.95 on the HangerJack website.

I’ve been using two HangerJack Scrolls on my laundry room door. Each child has their own HangerJack Scroll so they can easily put their clothes away once they are out of the dryer.

hangerjack clothes hanger organizerThere is no installation necessary, just hang over any door. It’s durable with a 25 pound weight capacity. In these pictures, I have about 5 pieces of clothing per Scroll, it is recommended to hold 7 pieces with one per loop. Honestly, I fill it with multiple hangers per loop with no issues! It has been a HUGE solution for keeping my laundry room organized and my kids responsible for taking their clothing out of the laundry room on their own.

hangerjack clothes hanger organizer
You can purchase the HangerJack Scroll 3 pack for just $21 right now with their Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal on the HangerJack website.

All HangerJack products are made in the USA and come with a money-back guarantee.

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