How to Wash Your House the Easy Way

When was the last time you cleaned your house? I’m not talking about the interior, but the exterior. We spend a lot of time cleaning the interior of our homes but what about the exterior? The exterior is what welcomes you home each day and the first thing guests see. It is time to wash your house!

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How to Wash Your House the Easy Way

You should wash your house annually – more if you live in a shaded or damp area. Not only does an clean exterior look good but removing dirt, grime, and mold will maintain the materials better and save you money and headaches later! Washing dirt off your home can prevent discoloration of your siding, removing mold can eliminate materials rotting and needing replaced!

Although washing the exterior of your house is a much larger task than washing your floors, don’t be overwhelmed. With the right tools and a plan, you can do it quite easily! We use Unger Professional™ products because they have the right tools for every single need at a good value. They really do make any task, even cleaning the exterior of your house an easy DIY task.

First, you’ll need telescopic poles to reach the higher spots and overhangs. Unger has a great selection of telescopic poles of various lengths to make it easy to clean and scrub even higher spots. Their HydroPower Pole adds water flow for extra cleaning power – I highly recommend!!

Next, select the right scrub brush for the job. They have the right brush or scrubber for any surface (wood, vinyl, brick, etc). We used the Bi-Level Soft Wash Brush with the soft bristles with our HydroPower Pole for cleaning our wood siding. We used the Bi-Level Scrub Brush tougher brushes to tackle the concrete driveway and walkways. 

The best way to wash your house is to scrub off problem areas first, then wash the rest of the house. Start by working from the bottom to the top. Spray the hose first, then wash and scrub from bottom to the top. You can use just water or a mild detergent. Afterwards, rinse the surface from top to bottom.

The key is to take your house into small sections. Wash 20 foot sections at a time so it isn’t overwhelming. Do it over the course of a couple days to make it easier on you too.

For really tough jobs, you can use a power washer too, just be sure to start on the lowest setting so you don’t tear through your paint, wood, or vinyl siding.

How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

The phrase “I don’t do windows” came from the 50’s when you had to sit on the outside of your windows to wash them. I still hear people joke about that but I don’t understand why. I actually LIKE clean windows to look through.  Technically, you should clean the exterior of your windows at least twice a year. Again, with the right tools, this is a very easy job you can do on your own.

Unger Professional has many options to make cleaning your windows easier and faster like a professional with scrubbers, squeegees, window cleaning kits, and cloths.

Not sure how to clean windows? Check out their cleaning tips page for how to clean windows and more.

how to clean windows

A squeegee is your best friend when it comes to cleaning windows for streak-free results. It does take a little practice to get the strokes down right. I love the 12″ Outdoor Window Squeegee and Scrubber Kit because it has a scrubber to get messes like bird poop, a telescoping pole to reach up to 5 feet, and a squeegee to finish the job.

Unger Professional has a full line of ergonomically designed window squeegees and scrubbers to help you clean your windows fast and easy – both outside and inside.

I highly recommend the SpeedClean Indoor Window Cleaner for cleaning your windows inside. It is so much easier and faster than using paper towels, plus it cleans better and the pads are machine-washable.

Get the Tools the Professionals Use

Having the right tools makes any job easier, safer, and faster. Unger Professional products can help you wash your house, clean your windows, and the rest of your house quicker and easier. They have tools for every project!

  • squeegees for windows and showers
  • washing buckets
  • telescopic poles
  • microfiber cloths (scrubbing, glass & mirror, absorbent
  • dusters (cobweb, corner, mitts, flat, microfiber, shining, ceiling fan, lambs wool, feather, mini-blind
  • grabbers (for picking up trash or hard-to-reach places)
  • scrubbers
  • bath & tile brushes
  • window cleaning kits with replacement pads

They stand behind the quality of their products, if you are not satisfied, they will replace it at no charge with the same item or an item of equal or better value. You can buy Unger products at your local Home Depot, ACE, Bed Bath & Beyond, on, and more.

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