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reverse osmosis water filter

If you want clean, fresh filtered water at your spigot, you need a reverse osmosis water filter.  It is the best and easiest way to get unlimited filtered water in your home. With a reverse osmosis water filter, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free, endless supply of fresh and safe drinking water to keep your family hydrated.

reverse osmosis water filter

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

If you are considering a reverse osmosis water filter in your home, you may already know that reverse osmosis is a type of water filtration that can reduce up to an impressive 99% of water contaminants turning your city or well water into clean, pure water.  You can look up the science behind it but in the end, it is the best way to filter water.

Reverse Osmosis Well Water

When we moved to our home a decade ago, it was the first time my kids experienced well water. They weren’t impressed when they discovered the taste and smell and said that they don’t like “country water” and I agreed! Through the years, we have purchased many bottles of water and tried many water filters and although they did the trick, it seemed very wasteful to constantly carry and then throw out bottles, and we never had enough water with slow-dripping water filters that needed to be replaced a couple of times monthly. Getting clean, fresh water for my family to stay healthy and hydrated was always on my mind and a hassle.

When I learned that the trusted brand Distillata carried under the sink reverse osmosis water filters, I had to reach out to learn more!  Distillata has been providing Ohio quality water solutions since 1897 and a name we all know and trust. They have reverse osmosis water filters that can be installed under your sink at home or office.

The Distillata Watts Under Sink Water Filter System is quite impressive in it’s compact design! It comes with a 5 process filtration system.

  1. Sediment Prefilter – removes dirt, sand, rust, and other solids.
  2. Carbon Prefilter – improves the taste and odor of your water by removing chlorine, chemicals, and pesticides.
  3. Carbon Prefilter #2 – reduces solids including bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and metals
  4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane – further removes dissolved substances, including radium, lead, arsenic, and many others.
  5. Polishing Filter – final polish for crystal clear, refreshing drinking water.

You can choose to install the reverse osmosis water filter system on your own or get it professionally installed like we did. Our installer, Gary installed our system in no time, saving us plenty of time and hassle! I love that I know it is professionally installed so I don’t have to worry about installing it incorrectly, having leaks, etc.
As you can see, it is mounted to the side of our sink, making it easy to access and change the filters as needed. You can order replacement filters directly from the Distillata website or have your installer deliver and install on a regular schedule for you.  Depending on how severe your water is, you’ll have to replace more or less often. In general, the sediment and carbon filters should be replaced every six months, the post-carbon inline polishing filter once a year, and the reverse osmosis membrane every three to five years. Since we have well water with a mid-to-high level of total dissolved solids (more below), we’ll have to change more frequently which is still less often than those pitcher filters that we had to chance ever couple of weeks for less filtered water!With this system, there is always filtered water ready at the spigot. Plus, it is a fast, high-flow spigot so you can quickly and easily fill up one water bottle after another – something I couldn’t do before with my filtered water pitchers! Filling up 4 big water bottles before a hike is easy now. Below, you’ll see the pressurized tank that delivers a fast flow of water at a high volume that is perfect for families. This system will give you easily 50 gallons of filtered water per day.
What makes your water taste of smell bad has to do partly with the total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water. This is the inorganic salts and constituents like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium cations, carbonate, hydrogencarbonate, chloride, sulfate, nitrate anions, and more found in both city and well water. The higher the TDS, the worst your water is for you.

Gary came out with a TDS meter to test our water before and after the reverse osmosis filters were installed. I knew our TDS was high because I’ve tested it before. Our TDS is considered HIGH at 406. The average for well water is actually around 500 mg/L but 406 is still way more than I’m comfortable with my family drinking daily.  If you have Akron City Water, you should be aware that there are 12 contaminants that exceed the EWG health guidelines but still marked legal by the EPA. The best way to know if your water is safe is to test it. Distillata will test is when they come out but you can easily pick up one on for less than $20 to have on hand too.

After the reverse osmosis filters were installed, we immediately saw that our water is so clean with a reading of only 39 TDS! That’s amazing!  I don’t need to see that number to know there is a difference in the water! The taste is amazing – so refreshing, clean, and tasty! My whole family, including my husband who has never really used our filter water because “he didn’t need it” is in love with this water. We can all tell the difference and are already drinking more water!

I blog about the benefits of drinking water often and it’s something my family has embraced over the years. It is harder to get your family to drink the necessary quantity of water for optimal health when your water taste or smells bad. An investment in a Distillata reverse osmosis water filter is well worth it to me to ensure my kids are drinking plenty of water and that the water is safe and clean for them to drink.

Order a Distillata Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

There are two ways to order your own Distillata Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. Goto the Under Sink Water Filter system on their website. Select Rent or Buy.

We chose to buy the system, however renting is a REALLY good deal. For $30 a month, you will have your reverse osmosis water filter system professionally installed plus have FREE filter changes and FREE service calls. This is ideal for those that don’t want to keep track of when to change filters or actually changing the filters.

Buying the system is also a great deal since you’ll own the unit for $439 and just replace filters as needed. Professional installation is an additional $150 if you buy the unit.

When I added up how much I spent on filters over the year, it totaled $456 for the pitcher filter that I used that was a hassle and was never enough water at a time for even 4 glasses of water to be filled. Plus, when I added the bottled water that I purchased per year, that total was over $120, conservatively.  Buying or renting the Distillata Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is less expensive AND delivers better quality water, more water, and no plastic waste of bottles or multiple filters monthly.

Distillata is really a no-brainer for those that want clean, purified water for their home.

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