5 Steps to an Organized Medicine Cabinet

easy steps to organize medicine cabinet

There are many benefits of organizing your space, it can reduce stress, improve relationships, boost productivity, help you lose weight, and even sleep better.  A more organized home also saves you time as you aren’t searching and hunting for items when everything is in it’s place.

When it comes to your medicine cabinet, it can also make your home a lot safer place to be too.  Imagine trying to find anything in this medicine cabinet!

messy medicine cabinet

This medicine cabinet was shamefully mine up until recently. We tried to keep things organized by type of medication but things always ended up getting shoved wherever they fit.

5 Steps to an Organized Medicine Cabinet

  1. Pick a good spot. Many people store their medications in their bathroom, this is a poor choice as there is lots of moisture in any bathroom. You should store medications in a cool, dry place away from sunlight like a kitchen cabinet that is away from the sink or stove or a dresser drawer. I store our medication and first aid products in a kitchen cabinet.
  2. Sort items according to the types of medications. Keep medication for your children apart from adult medications to avoid confusion.
  3. Toss expired products – but not in the garbage or down the toilet. Your local community probably has a “take back drugs” location where you can safely dispose of medications. In Summit County, there are 14 D.U.M.P. box locations in the county where you drop off any medication, no questions asked.
  4. Organize items by usage. Put items that aren’t used daily on the top shelf while most used items should be in easier-to-reach shelves. Organize like items together like vitamins, cold & flu, etc. Keep prescription drugs together, if you have a lot, organize by individual in your home to make it easier to access daily.
  5. Label everything. By labeling shelves, totes, or other organizing devices, you will keep all like items together for quick and easy access. I also store my medications in inexpensive plastic shoe box totes that I purchased for $1 at the dollar store. I can easily pull down the entire container of pain medication, etc to get what I need fast.

Sometimes medication can look all the same, labeling the shelf or storage container makes it quick and easy to access exactly what you need fast. Brother® P-touch® Label Printers make it fun and easy to organized any part of your home, business, office, or school. Their label makers are easy to use and print quickly so you can organize any space quickly. They also offer colorful labels to add more fun and another layer of organizing to any project or room.

I’ve used Brother® P-touch® Label Printers for years and have found the labels to be very durable and hold up to daily usage in any environment. Check out these before and after pictures of our toy closet organizing project.

We use Brother labels on school supplies too. The keyboard is easy to use, simply type in the words and cut the label. Secure the label in place on any surface indoors or outdoors.

For organizing my medicine cabinet project, I used my Brother® P-touch® PT-H110.  I love this portable label maker because it is easy to use, requires no set-up or complication.

I simply choose the font that I want, add a frame or symbol to the phrase I want printed. The display is easy to see so you know exactly what you are wanting to print. I like that I can preview what I’m going to print before I actually print – unlike other label makers.

The labels are super easy to use with the easy-peel “TZe” tape which doesn’t seem like a big deal unless you’ve ever wasted time trying to peel back labels from other brands that are nearly impossible. When organizing, I don’t want any frustrations, this label maker is so easy to use that it makes organizing quick and easy.

easy-peel "TZe" tape

My cabinet is large enough that I chose to use clear plastic shoe boxes to organize our medication and first aid products by type. I like this because I can quickly pull down all of the first aid products at once or all the vitamins, kids’ medications, etc.

By having all of the products in my medicine cabinet organized and labeled, I avoid buying duplicate items that I thought we were out of because I couldn’t find it in my messy cabinet!

My husband and I have found ourselves picking up the PT-H110 to label just one or two things at a time, it isn’t reserved for only big projects because it is so easy to use and can be easily taken anywhere with you. If you find yourself needing the same label over and over for repeat projects, you can save up to 15 labels for quick reprinting. This feature is great for labeling your child’s name on school supplies! As you can see, there are many different fonts, styles, and borders that can really making labeling fun!

I also like this label maker because of the different label tape options. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and types (like fabric iron on, cable & wire, extra strength, and more) for totally custom organizing.

I love how easy it is to find medicine in my medicine cabinet now. We will never let it get to the cluttered, horrible state it was before now that everything has its place. We put everything in the proper container and forget about it. There is no need to search for anything because we know exactly where each item is and what is in each box since it is properly labeled.

easy steps to organize medicine cabinet

Brother® P-touch® label makers come with a 1 year limited warranty and free phone support for the life of the product. You can purchase the PT-H110 for about $34.99 at retailers nationwide, on the P-touch website and on Amazon.com.

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