StickerYou Custom Labels & Stickers are Life Changing!

You may wonder how can labels and stickers be life changing? I got hooked on labeling my family’s household items several years ago and now don’t know how we managed before. We label everything: kids clothes and toys, power chargers, storage boxes, spices, office and school supplies, books and notebooks, water bottles, bags, and more. It keeps us so organized and helps us from losing items forever that are misplaced or lost. It amazes me how labels and stickers can add such order and calmness to a home. Today, I’m introducing you to StickerYou, a custom sticker and label company that has products that could truly change your life!

stickeryou custom labels and stickers

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StickerYou Custom Labels & Stickers You NEED

StickerYou has such a wide variety of products including custom stickers, patches, badges, iron-ons and more. For home or even business, they have products that you can easily customize to reflect your personality while getting the job done beautifully. They have talented sticker artists from around the world that create visually creative designs – choose from one of our 10,000+ images of animals, stickers for kids, travel, and more.

Get started with their Custom Kids Labels and Stickers! I promise you that labeling all of your children’s items is going to save you so much time, keep you organized, and save you money (less lost items!).

I label everything lunch boxes, water bottles, clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, school supplies, binders, books, notebooks, hats, gloves, bags, phones, power cords, and more. I like StickerYou over other brands because they have a quality product that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are waterproof, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, UV coated, writable with permanent market, removable without residue, and you can get them in any size and shape. The stickers are going to stay on until you want to take them off!

Custom Kids Name Labels

First off, get name labels for each child – or you can use your last name for items that are used by multiple kids or the family. I always have labels for both my kids and last name labels on hand. Kids Name Labels are perfect for just about anything. StickerYou lets you use your child’s favorite color, design, their name and contact info so get your kids involved in picking it out, they will love it.

My daughter LOVES labeling everything and really enjoys customizing her stickers while my son is a minimalist.  Pick what is best for your family including the style, colors, and size. The bottom line is that these labels will help keep your child’s treasured things from getting lost forever – especially if you provide a phone #!

StickerYou’s Id Labels are weather resistant, will stick strong and endure the fridge, freezer, washing machine and dishwasher so you can label just about anything! When it comes time to remove them, they come off clean leaving no messy residue behind to harm your products.

Allergy Labels

If you have a child with food allergies, I don’t have to tell you how important labels can be to keep your child safe.  StickerYou Allergy Labels help you keep your child safe by identifying your child’s allergy clearly on their belongings.

They are good for all ages and all allergies: milk, peanuts, nuts, eggs, gluten, etc.  Customize the labels with the allergy, allergy icon, phone number, child’s name, etc.  Place them on your child’s water bottles, lunch containers, travel gear, and more. Like all StickerYou labels, they are microwave and dishwasher safe too!

Custom Clothing Labels

I’ve used labels in my kids’ clothing since they were babies – over 13 years now. It makes a world of difference. There are only so many styles of clothing for each age-group and it is guaranteed that kids will have the same item on at school, oftentimes getting mixed up between children. In kindergarten, my son and his friend had the same hoodie, my son came home with the wrong one that wasn’t even the right size! I learned my lesson and label everything. Now at age 13, it is still the same, teens like the same brands! Many items get placed in lost-and-found or left behind at their friend’s house never to be found again. I have a whole collection of hats, hoodies, beach towels, and other clothing in my closet that were left behind from my kids’ friends – each time one comes over, I ask it it is theirs – or I take pictures and send to parents to find their home again. If my child leaves something, their name is in it and we get it back! Truly life changing.

You have a couple options for clothing labels with StickerYou: Stick-On Clothing Tag Labels and Iron-On Labels.

I prefer Stick-On Clothing Tag Labels because they are quick and easy to use. They adhere to your kids’ clothing tags or back of shirt without ironing or sewing. They stick strong and stay on until you want to take them off!  They don’t come off in the washer or dryer!

You may prefer the Kids Iron-On Labels, they transfer on in just 30 seconds and can be customized with your name, phone #, or even with a logo or brand name for your business! These are really nice because they are soft and stretch with clothing so it is a perfect option for kids that are sensitive with tags (although I’ve had no problems with the stick-on tags).  Like all StickerYou labels, you can write on them too with a pen or permanent marker, if needed.

Just like clothes, kids all wear the same styles of shoes and same sizes. Have you been to a kid party lately? Shoes are always thrown in a huge pile at the front door – finding your shoes if another child has the same style can be impossible! I’ve used Shoe Labels for years – you can’t feel that they are in the shoes. StickerYou labels are scratch-proof, water-proof, UV-proof, and fade-proof. Have fun with your kids and let them help personalize them with fun images and their name! You can even

Custom Book Labels

How many times have you loaned a book to a friend and never got it back? It is probably because they couldn’t remember how loaned it to them! Or, have you noticed that all the kids are required to have the exact same notebooks and binders (including color and size) at school? Custom Book Labels fix both problems!  Plus, they can be a lot of fun to personalize! Keep your notebooks, school books, comic books, novels, and more organized at home and returned if lost! You can even add a phone # or address.

I can’t tell you enough how much time we’ve saved by using labels or how many items we’ve NOT lost forever because of them. I highly suggest checking out StickerYou  – it will save you so much time with marking your child’s name on school supplies and summer camp gear – you won’t know what you did before them! If you have a small business, check them out for custom stickers for products, advertising, uniforms, name tags, and more!

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