How do you make school breaks special?

You would have thought this would have resulted in at least a scream. Poor ‘Suzy’ lost her leg in a sibling sleepover tonight (the word sibling to me always sounded like someone lost an appendage anyway). It’s 10:30pm and my kids are still giggling and NOT sleeping. It is Thanksgiving break so schedules are off, kids are eating too many sweets, and we are just having a great time as a family.

My husband is so good at making sure we do the “right” thing. When Elijah came home from school this week at the start of Thanksgiving Break and asked to stay up late to watch a movie on TV, my husband said yes. He said we should make breaks special. I guess I’m not in that mind-set yet. Are you?

Notes from my holiday

We went to my good friend’s house on Wednesday and while she and I baked 6 pumpkin pies and 2 Caramel Apple Cranberry Pies the kids had a blast running all around playing with her kids. Of course Thursday was filled with lots of family, too much food, and lots of spoiling of our kids. Yesterday, we went to Olive Garden for lunch, then we saw Disney’s Tangled in 3D. What a great movie and fun family outing. My kids were at the edge of their seats during the movie and reaching out to grab the objects “floating” at them in 3D. Today, my husband put up shelves in both kids’ rooms in preparation for the zillion Christmas toys that Santa has on the way. Tomorrow will be filled with more family fun as we celebrate our 2nd Thanksgiving with my family.

This is our first experience with “breaks” from school. I think we packed it with some good, fun times while not overdoing it. Life continues to change. I’m glad my husband mentioned the importance of breaks, sometimes I need reminded of things like that. I hope that we are creating good memories for our kids.

How do you make school breaks special?

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