How To Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

how to create the perfect outdoor living space

Whether you have a tiny outdoor lawn, or acres of land to call your own, getting your garden in shape for summer is a must. From getting the flowers and plants right to choosing the best outdoor furniture to suit your needs, it only takes a little imagination to create the perfect outdoor living space to relax in and to spend time with your loved ones.

Take the office outdoors

Your garden can be a great space to clear your head and get some fresh air whilst working. Opt for well cushioned patio furniture so you will be comfortable for long periods. Avoid metal framed furniture which will heat up in the sun and try to find a table which sits at a comfortable height to your chair, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of writing or work on a laptop. You might want to consider investing in a parasol too, to keep the sun off your screen and to provide protection against the sun’s rays during the hours when it’s is at its brightest.

Dining al fresco

When the sun shines late into the evening there’s nothing better than firing up the BBQ and having dinner with the family in the garden. Wooden garden furniture sets are perfect for families as they are offer you a place to organize things, and relax in the sun, as well as being able to withstand having drinks and snacks spilled on them! Barbecuing is a surprisingly healthy way to eat too, and kids love to get involved. Try your hand at vegetable kebabs by chopping up all their favorite veggies then threading them onto skewers.

how to create the perfect outdoor living space

Create an outdoor living room

‘Outdoor living rooms’ are becoming increasingly fashionable in the interior design circuit, but it doesn’t require any special creative knowledge to create one in your own back garden. Choose heavily upholstered furniture for an opulent look, and weatherproof fabrics which resist the elements. Give your space a softer edge with candles and plants; use candle lanterns so they don’t blow out in the wind. A large area rug will create that sitting room feel; it’s a great place to play board games and hang out with the family in the evenings, and better for you than sitting in front of the television!

Before you choose your garden furniture, be sure to consider storage as when the weather turns cold and wet, it’s going to need somewhere to live. If you don’t have room for a shed, you can buy a garden storage box at any DIY store; these will take up much less room and protect your furniture from the rain, until you are ready to bring it out again next summer.

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