How to Keep Your Dog Off Furniture

Growing up, we had lap dogs that would sit on our couch. It wasn’t a big deal for my family. This is not an option for our nearly 50 pound dog that sheds like crazy. Roxy use to get excited and jump on the couch. When we weren’t looking, she would take a nap on the couch or my son’s bed. This had to stop for a number of reasons, including my son’s allergies.

 There are many thoughts behind why dogs go on furniture. Some believe they are trying to claim a high rank, to be the leader of the pack. Personally, I think they like it because it is comfortable!


Our dog received training to facilitate this series of Dog Training posts.

When our dog, Roxy went through dog training with Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Akron, they recommended a fabric pet bed to become Roxy’s “place” or the spot we want her to stay for an extended period of time. This is a dog bed that can be indoors or out. Whenever we need to put Roxy in a safe spot, we give her the command “place” and she knows where to go until we tell her to “go play,” which is her release command.


If you aren’t familiar with our dog training series, I should clue you in. We use an e-collar or electronic collar on Roxy. This is not a shock collar. It sends variable levels of stimulation to your dog to guide and teach your dog appropriate behavior. It is basically a tap on the shoulder, with the tapping getting more intense as the levels go up. For Roxy, we normally put it on vibrate or level 1 to get the appropriate response since she’s been trained for nearly a year.

Once we introduced the dog bed downstairs in the main living area, Roxy stopped jumping on the furniture – and stopped bothering my husband and I in the office while we work. She knows this is her “place” to relax and chill. She doesn’t need to go to the couch or my son’s room anymore.

Occasionally, Roxy gets excited while playing with our kids and she will jump up on the couch. A gentle reminder with her e-collar and she jumps right off of it.

If you live in the greater Akron, Cleveland, OH area and have trouble with keeping your dog off furniture or other behavior issues, contact Sit Means Sit for dog training today. It is life changing for both your dog and your entire family.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Akron for their ongoing relationship with Check out all of their dog training in Cleveland Akron area options on the Sit Means Sit website.

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