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Do you ever feel like your donation can’t make a difference? For real, how can your $5 or $10 make any difference what-so-ever? This is especially true when you are talking about ending worthy, overwhelming things like hunger, homelessness, etc. I have felt this many times over.

Apparently other people have felt the same and thus, Members Unite was created. With Members Unite, your $5, $10, or $20 month will be combined with other members donation to fund an extraordinary project. 100% of your donation goes to that cause!

Each month, Members Unite will propose 9 incredible projects. As a member, you get to cast your vote on which projects you would like to see benefit from that month’s contribution.  You can cast your vote giving each project a ranking from 1-5, based on what you like best and least.  From there, the votes are tallied and the next week you get to vote again on the top 6. The 3rd week, you will vote on the remaining projects. The last week of the month, the project is revealed!

Members Unite Review

As exciting as it is for adults to see how much good a simple $5, $10, or $20 can do, imagine how it can impact kids! I did the Members Unite review with my 5 year old daughter. It is no surprise to her that there are hurting people in the world. We teach our kids that we are very fortunate and that we should be thankful.

My daughter prays every night that:

God will give food to those that don’t have food and give people that don’t have a bed and things that they need, all that they need.

My heart swells at how her tender heart can be so loving and caring for others. Members Unite is an excellent way to show kids how they can help people on a large scale with some of their allowance each month.

This month, there are 9 projects to vote and rank including:

  1. Distribute 1,000 Smile Cards in major cities
  2. Donate $5,000 to Teachers for supplies they need
  3. Provide 2 Veterans with a trained dog to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  4. Provide 20 Infants in Latin America with milk for 500 days
  5. Provide Tutors for 30 Homeless kids for a year
  6. Provide 30 Front doors for Habitat for Humanity homes in San Francisco
  7. Purchase 1,000 Helium balloons and give to people in Central Park to bring joy
  8. Empower At-Risk Women with fresh food for a year
  9. Purchase 5,000 Native trees for the Atlantic Forest in Brazil

My personal top 3 choices were for Teacher Supplies, Infant Milk, and Produce for At-Risk Women. When Elizabeth and I went through the list of 9, she was saying “Yea, that one!” for everyone, except for the Veterans for dogs and the Habitat for Humanity doors.

picture Browsing Members Unite as a family
Browsing Members Unite as a family

I thought for sure she would choose the milk for babies because she really loves babies. Initially, she said “Yes! I could make them happy with milk and if I saw them, I could do a dance for them!”. Once I got to Option #5 Provide Tutors for 30 Homeless kids for a year, she was set on it. All others didn’t matter. I asked her why she chose that one, she told me that she likes kids and would like to play with them, so she wants to help them.

picture of Teach kids about giving back with Members Unite
Teach kids about giving back with Members Unite

So, we voted on her top picks, giving the tutoring option the 5 stars! Now, I hope that this option goes onto the finals! We’ll see and vote again next month.

Join Members Unite

For a limited time, Members Unite is offering my community a 50% off discount on the annual membership fee of $25! Use code “WELOVEMOMS” when you sign up!

I recommend using Members Unite as a monthly giving back opportunity for all families, whether you give $5 or $10 or $20 a month. It teaches about giving, compassion, social responsibility, and so much more. You and your family can make a difference!

I hope that I have encouraged you to talk to your kids about how they can give back in meaningful ways. My goal is to inspire at least 10 families to join Members Unite in March. If you decide to join, please comment below to let me know and tell me which project your family voted for.

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