One Pair of Boots = Many Fashionable Looks with Hugrz Boot Wraps

I LOVE to wear boots!  They take an ordinary outfit, amp it up and make it more fashionable!  Tall boots, short boots, leather, fur, suede, they’re all gorgeous, and a hot trend right now.  The one downside?  They tend to be expensive.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one pair of boots, but several different ways to wear them?  Ice hockey mom, Deb Miller, thought the same thing.  Having cold toes and being tired her favorite boots having the same old look, she created Hugrz Boot Wraps.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and invent Deb did!

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I received product to facilitate my review.

Hugrz Boot Wraps – Affordably Fashion Forward

I have to admit, I am a pretty practical girl.  I’m not the type to go out and buy a pair of fun, furry boots that I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of, despite how awesome I think they’d look on special occasions.  With my Hugrz Boot Wraps, I don’t have to worry about the big expense of fur boots.  Instead, I can just enjoy the look of my plain boots “dressed” with my Hugrz Boot Wraps.  The wraps take my outfit from PTO mom running errands, to a more hip mom, ready for a night out. 🙂

My eleven year old daughter loves the Hugrz too.  She went nuts for the designs and fun materials Hugrz uses to design their boot wraps.  Heck, tweens, teens, college students, young women, models, even some of Hollywood’s biggest stars love wearing Hugrz Boot Wraps.  Stars from True Blood, CSI, The Office, Gossip Girls, Sell This House: Extreme, HighSchool Musical, and more have been spotted wearing Hugrz.  Truthfully, how can anyone NOT like the idea of having multiple, fashionable looks with one pair of boots at an affordable price?  

Hugrz Boot Wraps Displayed at a Shoe Store
Hugrz Boot Wraps Displayed at a Shoe Store

Multiple Looks from One Pair of Boots with Hugrz Boot Wraps

I wanted to show you some photos of just how many looks you can have using the Hugrz Boot Wraps.  Feeling spicy?  Throw on the faux fur wraps, leaving all the fur showing.

Hugrz Boot Wraps
Hugrz Boot Wraps

Want just a peek of playfulness?  Tuck in most of the Hugrz Boot Wraps, and allow just the top portion to show.

Hugrz Boot Wraps
Hugrz Boot Wraps

Love the patterned Hugrz Boot Wraps?  Make a fashion statement by coordinating the Sand Fair Isle boot wraps with your outfit.  These are my daughter’s favorite Hugrz – whether wearing them tucked in or all fun and patterned, they go with jeans, leggings, skirts, just about anything.

Hugrz Boot Wraps
Hugrz Boot Wraps

She loves how “put together” they make her feel…Hugrz are like jewelry for your feet!  🙂

Before you know it, the one or two pair of boots you own coordinate with just about any outfit, casual or dressy, with only a small added expense…FANTASTIC!

Worth Noting About Hugrz Boot Wraps…

A couple other note-worthy points:

  • Hugrz are hand washable or dry cleanable, making for easy clean-up.
  • All styles use only faux fur, so they are animal friendly.  🙂
  • The majority of the Hugrz styles are made in America.

Hugrz Boot Wraps can be purchased on their website, and at many retail locations.  Check here for a location near you.  Why not “wow” those on your holiday gift list with a set or two of Hugrz?  You can even purchase gift certificates for those who might be hard to buy for.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hugrz who provided the product for review.

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