6 Comfortable Wardrobe Essentials for Women with a Curvy Body

Any woman understands the plight of finding the right clothing for their body type. For those of use with curves, it can be even more difficult whether you’re looking for a supportive bra of fitted jeans. So, if you’re a woman with a curvy body, here are some comfortable wardrobe essentials to accentuate your body type:

The Right Bra 

The right bra for your body type is the one that fits perfectly and feels like second skin. For maximum support, you must choose the best wireless bra for large breasts with adjustable straps and full coverage cups. Moreover, ensure the cups are made of high-quality fabric that prevents sagging and spillage.

Most women with a slightly larger upper body have a misconception that wearing a bra that provides the right support will make their top half look prominent, and they end up wearing ill-fitted and loose bras. However, contrary to what they believe, these bras only make your body look disproportionate and add extra volume to your overall appearance. Therefore, the wardrobe essentials for women with a curvy body start with the right bra.  Choosing the right bra will make your body look proportionate, and you will be extremely comfortable in any outfit.

Dresses and Tops with V Necklines 

Dressing according to your body type is crucial to look flattering and feel comfortable in your skin. Therefore, the V neckline is your savior if you have a larger top half.  Dresses and tops with V necklines contour your curves and make them look less noticeable. They also elongate your upper body and make it look more proportionate. You can opt for slightly deeper V-neckline outfits to make yourself look slimmer if you are comfortable.

Dresses Made of Flowy Fabrics 

Dresses with flowy fabrics are perfect if your body is curvy. You are in for a treat if you can find dresses made of flowy materials but are slightly stretchy. These materials fall perfectly on your curves, making you look like a goddess, and are incredibly comfortable if you are on the heavier side.

However, when choosing a flowy fabric dress, make sure that the shape of the dress is flattering.  Wrap dresses made of light, flowy fabrics are a great option to look elegant and sophisticated. You can also opt for A-line dresses if your curves make you conscious.

An Oversized Jacket

Single-breasted oversized jackets are perfect for a curvy body. Avoid blazers with double breasts or too many pockets, large collars, or big buttons. These elements just make your body look bigger than it truly is. Moreover, oversized jackets camouflage your curves and are great if you feel conscious about your appearance.

A Nice Shapewear

Who said shapewear is uncomfortable? It is all about finding the right fit that compliments your body type. Invest in a good quality shapewear that hugs you in the right places and enhances your curves. It gives an illusion of a proportionate body and hides unwanted bulges. Moreover, it makes your body look toned and withdraws unwanted attention.

The Right Button-Down

Some wardrobe pieces have a timeless appeal, and a button-down is one of them. A button-down is a comfortable wardrobe staple for your curvy body. If you are doubtful about the right fit of your button-down, it is best to go for a size-up that doesn’t cling to your chest for extra comfort.

This clothing piece is also a great addition to your wardrobe if you are a corporate girlie and feel conscious during meetings or presentations. You can add a belt on top of your button-down to give it more structure and make your outfit look more polished.

Many women with curvy bodies struggle to find the right outfit to feel comfortable and confident. However, dressing for this body type is all about getting the proportions right. The article above discussed some wardrobe essentials a woman with curves must have. However, don’t shy away from experimenting and wearing what your heart desires as long as you carry it confidently.


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