Above Average Hurricane Season Affects Ohio – How to Prepare

interview with MarkMcGinnis onsevere-weather

This year, we are on track for an above average number of hurricanes. Living in Ohio, you might feel like it doesn’t matter however it can carry over into heavy storms for Ohio.

Whether you live on the coast or inland, it is always important to be ready for emergencies of all sizes.

I was able to interview Forensic Meteorologist MARK MCGINNIS on emergency preparation for severe weather. He offered practical advice for everyone affected by severe weather including the importance of making sure you have the right insurance coverage. For those living in areas affected by hurricanes, you must have insurance by June 1st of this season to be covered!

Watch this video as he delivers practical advice that could help you keep your family and home safe for the upcoming severe weather.

What a wealth of knowledge! I thought my family was prepared but now I don’t think so! I plan to put a plan in action in case we get severe weather this season in Ohio. For instance, if roads are shut down after a storm and we are essentially stuck at home, I need to make sure that we have at least 3 days of basic necessities including medication.

Our routines are quickly disrupted when we have no access to things like power, water (we have no water if we don’t have power because we have a well), and especially if roads are blocked.

Mark is just one of a few meteorologists with the prestigious CCM and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) certifications through the AMS. He is committed to helping people understand the importance of weather preparedness when it comes to increasing safety and reducing associated losses. His company, Fair Skies Consulting, LLC offers clients customized weather hazard planning and weather analysis.

Mark recommends a couple different websites to visit for more ways to be prepared for severe weather.

  • ready.gov  gives information on how to prepare before a storm and what to do after a storm.
  • Generac.com offers print off checklists for emergency preparedness
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