Best Station Wagons (Mommy Mobiles) of All Time

Best Mommy Wagons

The Station Wagon is an intrepid mommy mobile- and it has been for many, many years. I grew up in one, and, likely so did my mom (I should ask her). The wagon we had had seats in the wagon area of the car that faced sideways- two towards eachother. My brother and I thought it was the coolest thing, but, looking back, it had to be one of the unsafest rides I ever took! Sure, it had seat belts, but, what good are seatbelts if you are getting jerked around sideways?!

Anyway, the reason I bring this all up is because I spotted a nifty little article in GQ magazine in time for Mother’s Day this year. Here’s the link. It highlights the twenty most memorable mommy wagons of the past 50 years (although by the looks of the cars- I think it extends into the 40s, which, by my calculations, makes it 70- but since when are GQ guys good at math!?)

Below is my fave:

I always feel odd looking at old pictures of new cars -because we only see them as rust buckets, or antiques now, you know?  The slideshow on the GQ article says that this thing came with the same V8 engne as the corvette (1966).  VVvvrooom!!

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