How to Mix and Match Toddler Girl Clothing for a Stylish Look

When it comes to fashion, we already know that it isn’t just reserved for the grownups. How many times have you seen a dress or a small suit with a tie for toddlers or younger children that looked better than what you could find for yourself?! Countless I presume, just like I did. This is because the fashion industry invests heavily and leans on the children’s market, and they are making success after success.

Dressing your toddler in stylish outfits can be both fun and creative, but ultimately it is all so cute to see. How and what you can do to make toddler girl clothing this way is mixing and matching different pieces to achieve versatile looks. You can go for fashionable or functional, it really doesn’t matter if you know what you are doing and how to do it.

For those still reluctant to try these on their kids, we have prepared a list that will help you match clothing for kids to achieve high-style looks and make them seem like true little fashionistas.

The basics

Any wardrobe foundation, no matter whether toddler, child, teenager, or adult, begins with essential basics like solid-colored pieces from top to bottom. This means you need to invest in a lot of different wardrobes ranging from leggings, jeans, and t-shirts, to simple dresses in neutral tones – white, black, grey, and navy. These basics are your building blocks for any future outfit combination.

Statement pieces

Whenever we want some personality in our clothing, we always consider what we call a statement piece. It shouldn’t be any different when toddlers and small children are in question which is why their wardrobe needs to have a statement piece that will add flair. Things that can be considered as statement pieces can be patterned skirts, printed tops, or stylish sweatshirts that will reflect their unique style. These mix and match perfectly with basics to give one eye-catching attire.

Patterns and textures

Most of us are afraid to mix and match textures because those are sensitive and you really need to know which one goes together with which. What we want to tell you is don’t be afraid to do this because it will add depth and interest to your toddler’s outfits. You can pair up some floral prints top with simple striped leggings or have them wear a denim jacket over a lace dress for an extra trendy look. Mixing patterns and textures is complicated but when you learn how to do it properly the stylish vibe from those is unmatched.


When it comes to kids, layering clothes might not be the thing for them but it is both trendy and stylish as much as it helps with changing weather conditions. Since kids are a bit difficult to layer on you can go with something easy and flowy like a cardigan over a dress or a denim jacket over a t-shirt and leggings to achieve what you want but allow them to stay cozy looks. With a lot of different layers in the mix, you will have a lot of versatile outfits that can be used from day to night occasions.


Any attire is t complete without proper accessory. When since these are kids, we are talking about there aren’t many solutions out there but with some imagination, you can achieve the same look and feel by adding pops of color and personality with things like bows, headbands, scarves, and kids-appropriate statement jewelry. Choose accessories that go nicely with the colors and patterns in your toddler’s outfit and you will easily add visual appeal and interest without overdoing it.

Mix and match colors

Little kids like colors and they complement them well which is why you need to play around with color combos to create astonishing outfits. Make sure you use complementary colors like pink and mint or yellow and grey for a more cohesive look. Also go with bright hues and neutrals for balance, or monochrome outfits for a bit of a chic/sophisticated vibe.

Comfort above else 

Without any doubt style is important but since we are talking about toddler outfits and clothes you also need to think about comfort and it should be a priority when dressing your toddler. This means prioritizing soft, breathable fabrics and pieces that have easy movement and activity since there will be a lot of it. what we hate in clothes they will as well so scratchy or restrictive pieces are a big no-no because those might make them nervous and irritated throughout the day.

This list isn’t that long but it should help with your creativity with mixing and matching different clothing pieces. It will help you start with the creation of some very stylish and versatile outfits that your toddler will love to wear.


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