Temporary Goat Container – A Mercedes

At a secret location within 100 miles of Akron, we have found the answer to all of your goat restraint problems! For only $5.86 a month, this one of a kind goat storage facility will feed, water, and shelter your precious hoofed friends!


Although there are a number of Mercedes to choose from, experience shows that the nannies and billies prefer the midnight blue accomodations. We’re pretty sure it’s a peer pressure thing, but, hey, we’re not goats!


As is well known with the species Capra aegagrus hircus, goats are curious animals. Four-Seater Mercedes vehicles from the late eighties provide plenty of seating, with additional space in the foot wells.


With your interest, do visit ww.w.GoatAccomodations.mc and find out more about this incredible storage opportunity- excellent whether you take a vacation, or just need a break from your pets and farm animals.


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