I am eight weeks and craving an ice cream.

What does “I am ____ weeks and craving ___” Facebook status mean?

Have you ever seen a female friend of yours posted such status on her Facebook profile?  Does this mean that your friend is pregnant and craving for a candy bar?   Before you start speculating and posting the “Congratulations” comment as a reply,  please read the explanation below.

You’ll write  :  I’m_____ (your birth month) weeks and I’m craving ____ (your birth date) as your status.  The blanks are filled in with a number and a treat that is defined by your birthday.    For example: For a February 8th birthday, the Facebook status will say “I’m 2 weeks and craving Lolipop.”

See the cheat sheet below.

“I’m [Birth Month] Weeks and Craving [Birth Date]“

January – 1 week
February-2 weeks,
March-3 weeks,
April-4 weeks,
May-6 weeks,
June-8 weeks,
July-10 weeks,
August – 12 weeks,
September-13 weeks,
October-14 weeks,
November-16 weeks
December-18 weeks
1- Skittles
2- Starburst,
3- Kit-Kat,
4- M&M’s,
5- Tomatoes,
6- Ice Cream,
7- Dairy Milk,
8- Lollipop,
9- Peanut Butter Cups,
10- Meat Balls,
11- Twizzlers,
12- Bubble Gum,
13- Hershey’s Kisses,
14- Chocolate Mints,
15- Twix,
16- Cheese,
17- Fudge,
18- Cherry Jello,
19- Bananas,
20- Pickles,
21- Chicken Wings,
22- Skittles,
23- Gummy Bears,
24- Gummy Worms,
25- Strawberry Pop Tarts,
26- Starburst,
27- Mini Eggs,
28- Kit-Kat Chunky,
29- Double Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies
30- Smarties,
31- Chocolate Cake

Such Facebook statuses is in effort to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Sometime ago, I had seen people posting the color of their bra as their status for the same purposes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know women who had fought (and are still fighting) the battle of breast cancer and many survived.  I have all of the respect in the world for them; but what does this birthday thingy have to anything do with breast cancer?   At least bra colors are linked to breasts; but this?  Dislike.

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Veronica is a working mom who operates with a dash of technology, a pinch of positive mind, a dust of joy, and a chocolate bar. Veronica blogged for AkronOhioMoms from 2010-2012.
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