I Miss My Kids…

Do you ever get to a point in your life where you actually see your life changing before your eyes? Life is always changing with kids growing older, new friends entering your life, family squabbles, new jobs, etc. Usually, it’s somewhat gradual.

Right now, mine seems like it is on fast-forward. My 6 year old son entered 1st grade this year. He’s getting so big, so smart, so handsome – so fast. I actually did a lot better than I thought I would on the first day of 1st grade. I didn’t cry. I really thought I would.  I was relieved that he made it ok on the bus to school as I assisted with getting all the kids off the buses and into the right rooms. He’s been doing really well this year, seems to be making friends, has a really nice teacher, and likes the bus ride. I thought that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. If he’s happy, Mommy is happy.

After a couple weeks of big brother being in 1st grade, it was time for my 4 year old girl to go to preschool. She couldn’t wait! She’s been talking about it all summer. We had orientation last week and met her teacher and former teacher who will be assisting the new teacher. Elizabeth was excited that they both were Silly Teachers! They make her laugh. She started preschool on Wednesday. She had a fantastic day. She loves her school, her teachers, her friends, and learning.

I’ve been waiting for the time where I would have a couple hours to myself to blog, clean the house, shop, whatever. Now I have that for 3 hours a few times a week, it is not what I expected. Don’t worry, I have plenty to do and having a break to myself is much needed. However, I’m starting to feel a little like an empty-nester, although I’m sure it is soooo much more difficult than this when your kids go off to college.

I love that my kids are growing, I love who they are becoming, I love seeing them experience new things, I love watching them flourish.  However, I do miss them, I miss their need me at times even though I love how independent they are, I miss all the cuddling time that is slowly (and sometimes quickly) slipping away, I miss having tons of time to play blocks or crawling on the floor playing dinosaurs, I miss picking them up with ease, I miss throwing them up in the air and catching them.

So, this is just a normal stage that we moms go through. I am not trying to live in the past, I will not try to keep my kids as babies, I would never hold them back. I just see my life changing as I now pack 2 lunches, check 2 backpacks, and rush around in the evenings getting dinner to the table, playing with my kids for a few precious minutes before we rush off to our bed-time routine. I see our schedules getting full with good things but things that take them again away from me like Team Kid program at church, gymnastics, football, cub scouts, etc.  All good things, all things we “do” as a family but still, different. Life is just changing.  I sometimes envy homeschooling families lately. It is hard being away from my young kids. I must now learn how to capture those precious hours with my kids to be quality time, not so much quantity anymore.

Does it get any easier, Moms? How do you embrace this time in life?

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