9 Household Items Impacted by Humidity and What To Do

Who knew that indoor humidity could affect so many things – from wood furniture to books!

9 Household Items Impacted by Humidity

Check out these household items that could be affected by low humidity levels in your home.

Musical Instruments are Affected by Low Humidity


We just invested in a trombone for my son, the last thing I want is for it to fall out of tune due to indoor humidity. It is hard enough for kids to learn to play an instrument! Plus, low humidity affects natural wood instruments that could permanently damage as wood contracts resulting in failed glue joints and cracks on guitars, violins and pianos.

Books are Affected by Low Humidity


Do you treasure special books like I do? I keep them safe on bookcases and have kept them save from toddlers that like to scribble and puppies that like to chew. The last thing that I want is for my precious books to be damaged by humidity. Low humidity can case books to become brittle and fragile as they absorb and desorb water. If the pages in your books are wrinkled or have flaking ink, or warped covers, it could be from low humidity in your home.

Woodwork and Wood Floors are Affected by Low Humidity


Wood floors and woodwork in your home is expensive and should be taken well care of throughout the year. Low humidity can cause your wood floors to bend and even produce gaps between planks. Protect your investment by keeping your home at a humidity level between 40-60% for well kept hardwood floors and woodwork.

Artwork is Affected by Low Humidity


Artwork in your home – whether professional or of your kids can be affected by humidity. Low levels of humidity can cause paint to become brittle and crack, ruining your artwork.

Stamp Collections are Affected by Low Humidity


Your prized stamp collection could be ruined by repeated absorption and desorption of humidity in your home, making the stamps brittle and discolored.

Photographs are Affected by Low Humidityprint

Photographs can curl up at the ends if your home has low humidity. The pictures could also the actual photo emulsion flake off, leaving you with damaged photographs.

Wallpaper and Drywall are Affected by Low Humidity


If you see wallpaper peeling off your walls, drywall seams being exposed, or cracks in your walls, it may be from low humidity levels in your home.  The actual glue used to adhere wallpaper can dry out too, making the application brittle and separate from the wall.  40-60% humidity in your home can improve the longevity of your wallpaper.

Electronic Equipment is Affected by Low Humidity


Low Humidity in your home can lead to static electricity that can  damage the internal components of all of your electronics including expensive computers and televisions.

Wood Furniture is Affected by Low Humidity

Wood absorbs and desorbs water, so depending on the humidity in your home, it could swell or shrink. This can lead to joints in your furniture loosening up or pulling apart. I love our bedroom furniture and want it to stay beautiful. I found out that the humidity is only 15% in our bedroom, well below the optimal 40-60% level!


I received product to facilitate this post.

What To Do About Low Humidity

Add the right amount of humidity to your home with a cool moisture humidifier. I added the new Cool Moisture Humidifier that adds .8 gallons of water into the air per usage. It is easy to add new water and it super quiet, up to 30% quieter than other humidifiers. honewell-coolIn just a couple weeks the indoor humidity in our bedroom went from a drastic 15% to a healthier 34%! My furniture says thank you as does my nose. I’ve been suffering from very sore nasal passages all Winter, I had no idea that it was from low humidity in our bedroom. Anything below the 35 percent optimum RH level can lead to microscopic cracks in our nasal membranes, causing sore noses and leaving us more vulnerable to infections from bacteria and viruses. Who knew indoor humidity was so important?! P1460686

Find out more about humidity and how a humidifier could help your home on the Honeywell website.

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