IoPhic Smoke and Fire Alarm Offers More Protection for Your Family

You have a smart phone but do you have a “smart” smoke and fire alarm? Is your home protecting from all kinds of fire and smoke? It’s time to be tech savvy when it comes to protecting your home and family. The IoPhic Smoke & Fire Alarm offers more protection for your family with their new “smart technology”.  The IoPhic is the first ever smart alarm that gives you the most accurate smoke alarm technology available for every room in your home.

IoPhic Smoke and Fire Alarm

The smart alarm technology in the IoPhic smoke and fire alarm will protect your home and family from slow smoldering and fast flaming fires – without nuisance alarms.

The IoPhic smart alarm uses the smart technology called Universal Smoke Sensing Technology™. This technology gives you the best in fire and smoke protection in one single alarm.

Did you know that there is actually 2 types of smoke and fire alarms?

  1. Ionization alarms detect fast flaming fires like those in kitchen grease fires.
  2. Photoelectric alarms detect slow smoldering fires like bedding being burnt from a cigarette.

What kind of alarm do you have?  By installing an IoPhic smoke and fire alarm, you are getting both types of detection in one smart smoke and fire alarm. Sure there are other dual detection units on the market but you won’t find one more affordable than the IoPhic unit because of their smart patented single senor technology.

Before now, you had to buy different types of alarms for different parts of your home because of the two types of fires that can occur. Now, you don’t have to guess as to what kind of fire may occur in any given room because you can be protected for both types of fires with the IoPhic Smoke and Fire Alarm. You can place it in every room of your home.

So, why do you need a smart smoke and fire alarm with dual protection? Because an IoPhic alarm can alert you 87% faster than a conventional alarm – that gives you and your family more time to escape.

Find out more on the IoPhic Smoke & Fire Alarm website and like Universal Security Instruments on Facebook.

Buy IoPhic Smoke and Fire Alarm

The National Fire Protection Association recommends installing a smoke alarm on every level of your home, including the basement and outside every separate sleeping area. Do you have enough? Do they offer dual protection? If not, protect your family and purchase enough IoPhic Smoke and Fire Alarms to get your home up to date.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to IoPhic who provided the products for review.

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