Is Your Laundry Really Clean? Or Filled with Body Oils and Sweat?

Your clothes look clean and may even smell clean but are they? Or are they filled with hidden body oils and sweat? Did you know that the average load of laundry has 20X more body oil and sweat than visible stains? Yet we focus our attention on the juice spill on our kid’s shirt.  What about the soaked in sweat from your husband? Yuck! I was given samples of the new Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts to review. They are made to attack the hidden oils and sweat in a convenient single dose pac.

The new Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts feature a patented Micro-Cleaner™ formula that attacks the hidden sweat and body oils that others don’t. With warmer weather comes more sweat – even so, the average person sweats 2 gallons of sweat every day. Find out how much gunk is left in your clothes with this fun – and gross Wisk Facebook app.


My family of 4 is above normal with 75% full of gunk. That is with my compulsive washing after every wear! The app leads you through 6 easy questions to figure out how much trapped oils and sweat could be in your clothes based on the # in your house, you activity level, etc. It’s quite eye opening.


To fight the sweat and body oil, I normally just try to wash our extra stinky clothes with hot water in our Maytag washer.  However, this isn’t the best for clothes that require cold wash, etc. For the past several weeks, I’ve been popping in the convenient Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts pacs.


I really like how convenient they make laundry. It doesn’t take a lot of time to measure out liquid detergent and not something I would ever complain about but having the convenient Wisk pacs sure is a lot easier, cleaner, and quicker! 🙂P1050556

I just t drop one pac in to the drum of your washing machine and blast the sweat out! You can use them in all temperatures of water, including cold, so you can follow the material care recommendations and fight the nasty sweat and oils. Plus, Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts are safe for for both high efficient and standard washers. They are septic system safe too.

Buy Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts

You can buy Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts in 3 sizes – 24 count, 48 count and 84 count at retailers nationwide. Download a $1 off Wisk Coupon here.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Wisk who provided the products for review.


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