KISS Your Cold Goodbye

Don’t blame your cold on kissing your mate, kissing can actually help you kiss your cold goodbye! Check out these ways to kiss your cold goodbye this winter.

  • Kiss, Kiss, Kiss – Romantic and bacteria exchanging all at once! By exchanging bacteria with your loved one, you are strengthening your immune system. So, kiss, kiss, kiss!
  • Take a Hike – Getting exercise will improve your overall fitness and health. So, get some exercise and tell your cold to take a hike!
  • Fight Naturally – Natural cold remedies with Zinc and Echinacea help you fight your cold naturally. I have been using Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Lozenges, QuickMelts or Oral Spray for years. They really help shorten the duration of the common cold.
  • Listen to Music – Did you know that listening to music increases an immune boosting protein called immunoglobulin A (IgA)?
  • Drink Hot Drinks – Drink plenty of hot drinks to wash any lurking virus out of your mouth and into your stomach. Viruses can’t grow in your stomach due to the acids.
  • Don’t Blow Your Nose -If you are congested, take a decongestant instead of blowing your nose off trying to get the congestion out. If you blow too hard, it can push the mucus up into your sinuses that can actually make you sicker, not better.
  • Hit the Sauna – A warm, hot sauna sounds so inviting, it will make you feel better and can actually detox a cold out of your system!

I hope these tips help you kiss your cold goodbye quickly!

Information provided by Cold-EEZE.

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