Kudos to Sony, my #1 is back!

Earlier this summer, I found my camera on the floor.  When I turned it on, it didn’t work at all. I was pretty bummed. My husband had given me a Sony  Cyber-shot at Christmas last year. I like it because it is slim, takes good pictures, decent shutter speed, and has a nice size screen. I took it everywhere with me as it is the perfect purse-size-camera. I was pretty bummed to have to go back to my backup camera this summer.

As I was enviously starring at a lady’s cyber-shot at Cedar Point this fall, I complained to her about my clunky, slow-shutter speed old camera. She said her camera broke when it was under the 1 year warranty and they fixed it free of charge. Why didn’t I think of that?!

So, I let another month pass. My #2 camera broke, there’s a reason it was replaced last Christmas anyway! So, now I have been using my #3 camera, a very old, large totally-not-purse size camera that takes blurry pictures 9 times out of 10. I’ve missed so many good pictures of my kiddos because it is not convenient. AND it takes blurry photos. Have you noticed that my pics on this blog have been not-so-crisp lately? It’s because of camera #3.

So, last month, I finally contacted Sony tech support. They promised me a fixed camera within 7-10 days. Really?! I was super excited. My warranty was to expire just 1 week after I called, so yea, I waited till the last minute. I so wish I had contacted them back in October. Although it took more like 3 weeks to fix, I just received my ice-cold camera! I am so excited to have my #1 camera back, good as new! 🙂

So, that being said, I’m so glad that we keep our warranty papers and receipts for purchases such as this in our filing cabinet (even if I had to be reminded by a random person at Cedar Point to use them!). I was super impressed by Sony and how easy, no-hassle the process was to get my camera fixed.  Don’t be afraid to call up tech support or customer service for products under warranty.

Do you have a warranty story you’d like to share?

We are always quick to tell others about negative experiences (like when Children’s Place wouldn’t take back my daughter’s new, tags-on sweater with a receipt because I didn’t have my license with me! ugh) but we are slow to share positive experiences. Kudos to Sony!

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3 thoughts on “Kudos to Sony, my #1 is back!

  1. AMY W. says:

    We were very blessed when our eliptical machine broke down one month after the warranty was up that they were nice enough to send someone out to fix it free of charge.

  2. Cindy says:

    Wow, Kathy! I am amazed that they shipped you one after 3 years. That just goes to show that companies with quality products will stand behind them. And it doesn’t ever hurt to ask – nicely, of course!

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