LeBron James’ Mom Gloria James Arrested at Fontainebleau

picture of LeBron James and Goria James

Miami Beach Police Department official confirms that LeBron James’ mother Gloria James has been arrested for misdemeanor assault. This Akron, Ohio Mom was taken into custody early this morning at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. She had a scuffle with the valet parking provider upon exiting the upscale hotel at 4:57 a.m. What could be so important or disturbing to be arrested at this beautiful hotel in the wee hours in the morning?

picture of LeBron James and Goria James
LeBron James and Goria James

My husband and I had the opportunity to stay that the Fontainebleau on a trip to Miami, FL years before we had kids. We used a bunch of our Hilton reward points to stay just one night at this beautiful resort. The Fontainebleu tagline is “Enter a world where you are free to play, shop, dine, spa, meet or simply relax – however you define your perfect day. I’m certain that Gloria James didn’t plan on defining her perfect day at the Fontaineblue by being escorted out by the Miami Police Department, I know it wouldn’t be my idea of a perfect day!

Gloria James Appetite for Young Men

I haven’t been following this story to a great degree, or her life for that matter, but Gloria James, Lebron James’ Mom, sems to have an appetite for young men.  There is article after article on the web about her latest college age boyfriend, or basketball player.  Seems that this road for her isn’t the best- and may have gotten her into trouble.

Gloria James Arrested before

She was arrested in 2006 in Ohio on a drunken driving charge.  At that time she was able to kick out the window of a police cruiser… I guess she didn’t want to be arrested!

Gloria James Raised Lebron James

For all of the hassles of being a D-List celebrity, Gloria did Raise Lebron and got him from St. Vincent-St. Mary’s to his first leg up into the Cavaliers.  Some people cannot handle the fame and money that comes along with it. I can’t say that I know the pressure and stress associated with being in the spotlight, but being disrespectful to the point of being arrested is uncalled for whether you are famous or not.

I wish this Akron Ohio Mom, Gloria James the best in life! I hope she will realize and appreciate how her life has changed for the better being the mom of a celebrity. I hope that she can make tomorrow a more perfect day at Fontainebleu, that is if they let her come back!


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  1. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Those are very kind words. After having a few interactions with her, I think Miami should be her permanent home, and she can just briefly visit Akron!!

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