Podcasts Make Chores More Fun! Here are 10 Of My Favorites!

I am a huge fan of podcasts! If I am driving in the car or doing chores around the house, chances are I have a podcast playing because listening to a podcasts makes an otherwise boring activity more fun!

Below is a list of 10 of my favorites to listen to when it comes to life, marriage, parenting, and business. Since I am a Financial Coach, I really enjoy listening to podcasts related to money but I didn’t list any of those below because I just wrote a post on my blog about 5 podcasts that will make you smarter with your money. You can check that out here.

If you have never listened to podcasts and are not sure how to find them, you can click the links below to listen to each individual show. However, there are tons of ways to listen and you can easily access them with an app on your phone. If you are looking for help with how to listen, check out this post about how to get started listening to podcasts! If you find a podcast you like, don’t forget to subscribe to it because that is how you will get notified when a new episode is released!

Podcasts Related To Marriage & Parenting

marriage, relationship, parenting podcasts

These podcasts are great to listen to if you are in a relationship and/or if you are a parent. Most of these are ones that my husband listens to as well which is nice because it ends up being a great conversation starter. We can discuss our views/opinions after listening to a topic that was discussed.

  1. Parenting Great Kids – Dr. Meg Meeker is the host of this podcast and she is a pediatrician. She offers great wisdom and encouragement to all parents. Dr. Meeker has worked closely with children for many years which means she has a lot of advice for parents when it comes to what our kids need most!
  2. Coffee + Crumbs – This podcast is a fun mommy podcast to listen to. Sometimes motherhood can feel lonely. Especially if you have really little ones or you’re going through the seasonal cold that is keeping you inside. This podcast makes you feel like you are sitting down having coffee with other moms. They get it. They are going through it too. And they always seem to make me laugh and offer me encouragement when I need it most. This one my husband doesn’t usually listen to unless I send him one because I want him to hear something they said. 
  3. Rise Together – This is a marriage -or relationship- podcast by Dave and Rachel Hollis. They get super honest about the struggles they have been through in their marriage and how they worked through them. My husband listens to this one as well and it always sparks good conversation between the two of us after listening to an episode!

Podcasts Related To Life and Other Interests

These podcasts are both fun and informational at the same time.

  1. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey Each episode is Jamie interviewing another woman and they discuss “the little things, the big things, and everything in between.” She has interviewed Rachel Hollis, Rachel Cruze, Candace Cameron Bure, and SO many other women. Each conversation is so fun and helpful to listen to. It literally feels like a happy hour with friends!
  2. Ohio Huntsman – If you are a hunter or enjoy the outdoors, this is a great podcast for you! It is an Ohio specific podcast which is nice because they discuss topics that are unique to Ohio hunting and outdoors. Fun Fact: One of the hosts is my husband and the other 2 are my brothers-in-law. So, you should definitely check it out! 🙂 And share it with anyone you think would enjoy it as well.
  3. The Life Coach School – This podcasts feels like you hired a life coach when you listen to it! I mean, make sense by the name, right? Brooke Castillo is the host and she covers just about every topic related to improving your life and achieving your goals!

Podcasts Related To Life and Business Goals

business and life goals podcasts

I am a business owner so consuming information relating to business is really important to me! I also find these helpful as recommendations to my Financial Coaching clients even if they aren’t trying to run a business because often times the advice on how to achieve a business goal is very similar to how to achieve a money (or life or career, etc) goal!

  1. Goal DiggerJenna Kutcher is a wealth of knowledge. Whether you are running a business or working on other life goals, her advice is super helpful!
  2. Business Boutique – Christy Wright is the queen of helping women make money doing what they love. Need encouragement to turn your hobby into a business? She can help! Need encouragement on how to run or grow your business? She can help! Her podcast is even great if you think you want to earn extra money from home but are not sure what that looks like for you!
  3. RiseIn this podcast, Rachel Hollis shares tangible business advice. Most of the information is business-minded but I think it is valuable life advice as well.
  4. EntreLeadershipThis is one of the firsts podcasts that I ever started listening to. This is, of course, a great podcast if you own your business but I think it is really helpful no matter what your career is. I listened to this when I worked a corporate job because it is packed with great leadership advice as well as overall employment advice!

Let me know what you think if you check any of these out! Also, what other podcasts do you listen to? Let me know your favorites in the comments.

Don’t forget to check out my other post on 5 podcasts that will make you smarter with your money, here. 

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