Make your Jewelry Shine with Asteria Jewelry Cleaner

Do you have loads of jewelry? I don’t have a ton but I love costume jewelry so I have a good bit. I hate it when I wear it and it tarnishes and I have to buy those special cloths to clean it.  I am always unsure of how to get my pieces as clean as possible. Asteria Jewelry and Eyeglass cleaner has found a way to fix my problem and in the easiest possible way! asteria jewelry cleanerI received product to facilitate this post.

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner

Asteria makes a non-toxic, biodegradable jewelry cleaner that is non abrasive. Other products I have tried in the past have had ammonia which makes me feel sick because of the smell. Asteria contains NO ammonia and is safe for all types of jewelry even your opals! The Liquid Solution can even be used to clean your eye glasses!

Silver ring before cleaning
Silver ring before cleaning with Asteria.

Easy 2 Step Jewelry Cleaning Process

It’s an easy two step process and it couldn’t be easier.

Step 1- Use the polishing cream on your item. Rub it with a soft paper towel and a soft tooth brush if needed then rinse with water.

Step 2- Drop it in Asteria’s one-of-a-kind patented Jem Jar! Flip and let the jewel cleaner do it’s magic, flip again and now your jewelry looks as good as new. Dry it and wear it right away! If it’s something you don’t want to soak like pearls use the spray and gently rub with the paper towel.

My ring looks brand new after cleaning!
My ring looks brand new after cleaning!

I have cleaned several items and each one looked brand new after! To do a quick touch up run pieces you wear regularly by putting them in the Jem and letting it work it’s magic! This Jem is only offer by Asteria.

Asteria Coupon Code

And just for you our readers Asteria has generously offered a coupon code! Take $10 off of Deluxe Jewelry Cleaner Kits!

Just add – Akron Ohio Moms -next to your name when ordering.

For Example: Jane Doe – Akron Ohio Moms

They will deduct the $10 from your web order.

Buy your Deluxe Jewelry Cleaner Kit here! This would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

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