MantelMount Fireplace TV Mount Suspends TV at Eye Level

mantelmount review

Have you considered mounting your flat screen TV over your fireplace? It is the modern trend because it merges the two focal points of the TV and fireplace into one, frees up space from the floor, and looks really cool.  Too bad it is a pain in the neck, literally! Who wants to look up at the TV?

MantelMount, a revolutionary new product pulls your TV down off the fireplace wall, suspends it at eye level and even swivel it to the left or right, giving everyone the best seat in the house – with no neck pain!

Watch how it works for yourself!

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MantelMount Fireplace TV Mount Suspends TV at Eye Level

Isn’t that amazing?! Even a child can pull the flat screen TV down off the wall and suspend it at eye-level  with MantelMount. Think of the applications!

We have a lot of windows in our family room, leaving glares on the TV. With MantelMount, you can not only watch the TV at eye level but adjust it to the right or left – ideal for avoiding glare. Plus, every seat in the room is perfect because you swivel it  to where you’ll be sitting!

mantelmount review

mantelmount reviewThe space above the fireplace is ideal for a TV but nobody thinks about how painful it is to watch TV with your neck cranked. Not only is it painful while watching but can lead to neck pain and chronic headaches. Not with MantelMount!

MantelMount is the only mount that allows you to get the modern look of a flat screen TV  hung beautifully above your fireplace with the ability to watch TV at eye level, avoiding neck pain.

When you want to watch TV, pull it down, suspend at your eye level and enjoy – without a stiff neck later.

MantelMount is secure with a solid construction. The adjustable elements are built with high end automotive pistons that use lightweight alloys and counterbalance technology to pull the TV down from your wall. It makes your large flat screen TV so light that even a child can pull it down off the wall.

mantelmount review

Once the TV is suspended down, all of the mounting components are covered with a paintable cover that hides all of the hardware. They thought of everything. I really like that I could paint the cover to match the wall, allowing it to blend into the room, even when the TV is off the wall. Imagine how your living room would be transformed with the TV above the fireplace.

mantelmount review

MantelMount would make an excellent addition to any home improvement or home decor upgrade.  It is a fantastic and quick way to change the entire look of your living or family room.

No other mount comes close to the safety features, construction, and quality. MantelMount even has heat-sensing handles that turn red if the temperature above your fireplace exceeds a safe 110° F. No other mount allows you to pull your TV off the wall (up to 2 feet), suspend it at eye-level, and swivel to the right or left. This is an amazing product!

mantelmount adjustable fireplace TV Mount

MantelMount is perfect for any large flat screen plasma, LED or LCD television at least 48 inches that weigh between 40-100 pounds.

Purchase MantelMount

You can purchase MantelMount for $399 plus shipping. They are currently out of stock due to high demand for this revolutionary new product. For a limited time, reserve yours for only $299 with FREE shipping in the US!

300x250-1MantelMount would make an excellent Father’s Day gift as well. Your man can watch the game from any seat in the room and get the perfect view!

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Here’s a link to a private website, where you can reserve your MantelMount before they go on sale again to the general public, at 25% off the regular price plus FREE shipping within the U.S. But act fast because they have a long wait list and are likely to sell out again soon!

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