McDonald’s Recall: 12 Million Shrek Glasses Contain Cadmium

picture of Shrek Recall

My son wanted the Shrek glasses from McDonald’s so bad, now I’m glad I didn’t buy any. McDonald’s voluntary recalled all 12 million Shrek Galsses today after reports of Cadmium found on the red and yellow paints. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, warns consumers to stop using the glasses immediately. Cadmium is known to soften bones and cause server kidney problems.  Although the Cadmium is found on the exterior of the glass and not by the mouth opening, Cadmium can end up on kids hands and into their mouths or contaminate other dishes when washed.

A Mommy Blogger was linked to the discovery and reporting of the Cadmium found on the Shrek Glasses. The Smart Mama tested the cadmium levels on all paint surfaces by using her Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton XRF analyzer.

Smart Mama’s Findings:

Fiona glass, detected 1,049 ppm cadmium in the baby’s face. No cadmium in Fiona’s dress (at the sleeve) but did find 10,900 ppm chromium.

In Puss in Boots, detected cadmium at 1,378 ppm in the red pillow on which Puss rests, 1,048 ppm cadmium in the orange part of Puss, and 1,575 ppm cadmium in the yellow lion on which the Gingerbread Man sits. The Puss figure on the back (in the orange) was 1,707 ppm cadmium and 3,721 ppm chromium.

Detected 1,020 ppm in the green used on the Shrek glass. The yellow on that glass (at the Fiona Wanted sign) was 1,946 ppm cadmium.

McDonald’s is working on a way for those who purchased the glasses to return them. They will have instructions on how to do so on their website by Tuesday, June 8th.

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1 thoughts on “McDonald’s Recall: 12 Million Shrek Glasses Contain Cadmium

  1. Michelle R says:

    We bought all four a month ago. On our second day of our drive to Florida we heard about the recall. I’m hoping we can still get ours refunded. I’ll be checking their website.

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