Medical Care When You Need it at MinuteClinic in CVS

Have you heard of the MinuteClinic? What I really like is that it even offers evening and weekend hours…and I can just walk right in! I don’t have to decide between no medical care or an expensive trip to the ER during non-doctor office hours. What a horrible place to be stuck when you have a sick child.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating.

Each MinuteClinic is located conveniently in your neighborhood CVS/pharmacy store.  It is an affordable option any time of day or night for medical care.  I also like that it isn’t full of sick, coughing people like the doctor offices are in the middle of winter! I dread taking my kids to those germ invested waiting rooms, don’t you? With MinuteClinic, you are in and out in no time.

Plus, since MinuteClinic is located right inside CVS, you can pick up everything you need at one location. When you have a sick child, the last thing you want is to make a trip from the doctor’s office to a pharmacy to pick up a script and medication.  You can get all your cold and flu supplies at CVS while the MinuteClinic vaccinates, diagnoses, and treats your illness.

This time of year, we all get sick. Sometimes, it is hard to know what we have, is it a cold or the flu? Check out this handy chart that sheds some light on the topic.

coldorfluCheck out the MinuteClinic this season, as a convenient, affordable option to the healthcare needs of your family. Friendly, board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants are at your service to diagnose, treat, and prescribe for your family’s health needs such as strep throat, ear infections, pink eye, UTIs, etc.  They also provide a variety of vaccinations for everyone from the flu to pertussis, to meningitis.  Most insurance plans are accepted, as well as cash, check, and credit cards.

In the Akron, Ohio area, there are locations in Akron (West Market St), Akron (First Merit), Hudson, Northfield Center, and Hinckley, Ohio. Find your nearest MinuteClinic.

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