Giveaway Countdown Widget is a new tool for Mommy Bloggers running Contests

We’ve had a lot of fun growing this blog in 2010. We’ve seen a great number of giveaways, added a couple of contributors, and tried to make our blog as clean and as easy to read as possible. There’s of course always room for improvement, but, here in June 2010, its not too shabby.

One of the things that we wanted to do with our blog back in February was to make it easy for site visitors to see all of our giveaways at once, and to enter more than one of them! The result of that effort resulted in the Giveaway Countdown that you see in the right hand panel of our blog. Not only is this device good for our readers, but, because it is automated, it helps us bloggers know how popular different giveaways are at a glance, know which ones are expiring soon, and which ones need to be awarded!

Well, some of you readers are also mommy bloggers yourselves, and, we have good news. If you use WordPress to manage your blog, you can obtain the Giveaway Countdown in Widget format! We’ve gone through some quiet beta testing with a few mommy bloggers, worked out the bugs, and have made this available for a really low price.  Now you can make your contests easy to manage!!

To get the widget, you can click the link at the bottom of the countdown giveaway in the sidebar on our blog, or, click here for the Countdown Giveaway Widget.

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