The Death of Google Friend Connect

With mommy blogging, it seems, sometimes you jump on the bandwagon, and sometimes you buck the trend.  In the case of Twitter, you can spend time following 19,000 people to build up your “I’ll follow you back” to 20,346- but we’ve not done that.  In the case of Google Friend Connect- we did simply jump on the bandwagon- and, as it has seemed all along, its been a waste of time.

Google Friend Connect is a Google-run  blog following social network system that allows users to ‘follow’ other blogs, make comments, and receive newsletters.  This was setup by Cindy on Akron Ohio Moms before I started writing- but has never really used outside of a “look how many follow my blog on GFC!” number, and the occasional newsletter.

Why bother when you should be using Facebook?  To be even more honest, I’ve NEVER seen a blog that uses all of the features that Google Friend Connect was made for.  Seems like an invisible feather in the cap for any blogger.  It was the runt of the litter- and now Google mama agrees.

Google Friend Connect – Being Turned off in 2012

Google Friend Connect users who don’t use the Google “Blogger” Platform -(we use WordPress) will be shut down in March 2012.  Google suggests using the Google+ network instead….We’ll see if we go that way- for now, we’re a Facebook blog.

For bloggers using the “Blogger” engine, Google will maintain Google Friend Connect- Doesn’t seem like a growing platform- I’d suggest Blogger based mom bloggers to jump ship too.

How long before you disconnect Google Friend Connect from your blog?

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