Feed 22 Hummingbirds at a Time with Hummerbar!

muli humming bird feeder Hummerbar

When my grandpa was aging and confined to his recliner or bed, his hummingbird feeder gave him the most joy. I remember how excited he would be when the majestic little birds visited his feeder and how excited we all were to see them. How he would have loved the Hummerbar that can feed up to 22 hummingbirds at a time!

I received product to facilitate this post.

Feed 22 Hummingbirds at a Time with Hummerbar!

I’ve had various hummingbird feeders in the past, many went all season long without a single hummingbird, so I basically gave up.

I’ve noticed a hummingbird or two the past couple summers and thought I’d give it a try to attract those majestic little birds to my yard with a revolutionary hummingbird feeder called the Hummerbar by Perky-Pet.

Multi Humming Bird Feeder Hummerbar

The Hummerbar is the first-ever horizontal humming bird feeder. It is long so several humming birds can feed at once. Plus, it is clear plastic, so they can see through it to keep an eye out for predictors. You can keep it clear with a clear hummingbird nectar (make your own) or attract with a red solution like I did that requires no boiling.

The same day that I put our Hummerbar up, we had our first hummingbird!

muli humming bird feeder Hummerbar

He stops by several times a day. We hope that he tells his friends to join him one day soon. For now, we enjoy our little visits with our new fascinating feathered friend!

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