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Natrol products are made to help everyone get through their busy lives including celebrities, athletes, media, and moms! They recently sponsored the Gold Meets Golden event this winter where stars like Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Stacy Keibler, and Jon Bon Jovi received samples of Natrol’s B-12 to help give them energy at the start of their days, Natrol’s Melatonin to help them get a good night’s sleep, as well as Natrol’s Immune Boost to help keep them healthy.

Natrol’s Family of Brands offers something for everyone in the family including vitamins, supplements, and products for specific needs like mood, sleep, weight management, and more. I received a sampling of Natrol products to review on this blog. Natrol offers a large assortment of products for everyone, this review is just an example of the variety that my family uses.

Natrol Biotin

I started taking Natrol Biotin in November. My nails were peeling and very, very weak. A friend of mine suggested Natrol Bitoin and warned not to go with any other brand because they are not all alike. I didn’t take the chance and have been taking Biotin ever since. Not only have my nails returned to their original healthy state but I’ve noticed that I’m not struggling to stay awake during the day. My energy level has increased!

Natrol Biotin
Natrol Biotin

Natrol Biotin is also great for shiny hair too – which we all want. Biotin helps convert carbs, proteins, and fats into energy for our cells. Simply pop the small tablet in your mouth and let it dissolve before swallowing. It taste good too.

Natrol Easy-C Time Release

Natrol Easy-C is an excellent source for Vitamin C year round. It is a high potency antioxidant with esterified Vitamin C. It is gentle on your stomach. It also contains Biotin for stronger hair and nails. It is a time-release formula to work for you all day long.

Natrol Easy-C Time Release
Natrol Easy-C Time Release

I’ve used this for 30 days so far, I have been healthy. I was helping at school during lunch last week with a classroom with two kids that threw up and had to go home. It never hurts to have Vitamin C, especially when you’ll be around people who are sick – which is anytime and anywhere!

Natrol Immune Boost

Natrol Immune Boost is a super food for your immune health. It is clinically shown to promote immune function by enhancing the activity of immune cells. It helps increase your boyd’s Natural Killer (NK cells activity – which is a type of white blood cells that are vital to your natural resistance.  It provides EpiCor, Vitamins C&D3, Selenium, and Zinc in just one capsule.

Natrol Immune Boost
Natrol Immune Boost

For adults and kids ages 9 and up. This product is one you can benefit from during all seasons.

Natrol NuHair Foam

Natrol NuHair Foam is for men and women that want to defend their hair against damage and graying. It nourishes and energizes hair folicles for healthy hair grown and shine. It also works as a styleing product for a light hold.

This product is to help slow down the process of hair loss as well with Fo-Ti, which is also what helps slow the graying process. Unlike other “hair loss products,” Natrol NuHair is an easy 2-in-1 product that can be easily added to your daily regiment.

Natrol Omega-3 Gummies

Like I said, Natrol has something for everyone, including kids. The Natrol Omega-3 Gummies are available in good-tasting flavors of orange, lemon, strawberry-banana flavors that kids and adults like. Kids ages 4 and up can enjoy the benefits of Natrol Omega-3 Gummies. They contain over 225 mg of Fish Oil per serving. As you may know, fish oil is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. If you have taken fish oil supplements before, you may know of the fishy aftertaste. The Natrol Omega-3 Gummies taste great and do not have the “fish oil” taste in your mouth afterward!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Natrol who provided the products for review.

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