Say Goodbye to Sweat Stains and Smells on Clothing with No Sweat

No Sweat Detergent Review

Between my tween son and my husband, I have plenty of sweaty, stinky laundry to wash.

When my husband and I were first married, I was dumbfounded as to why my husband’s clothes still smelled like sweat after washing them. Not only that, but yellow stains and gross build-up would be left on the underarm area. I’ve thrown away so many t-shirts for this very reason.

Even when washing with hot water and stain removers, I haven’t been able to conquer all of the sweat, as hard as I’ve tried.

I’ve found a solution called No Sweat.No Sweat Detergent ReviewI received product to facilitate this post.

No Sweat Detergent Review

No Sweat Detergent actually dissolves the naturally produced oils – sweat – to get rid of pit stains and even ring-around-the-collar.  No worries about it being harsh either, the formula is gentle, yet tough on dissolving body oils without wearing down fibers in your clothing.  Plus, you can use No Sweat Detergent in cold water, which saves you money on hot water bills and protects your fabric from losing shape and elasticity.

No Sweat Detergent Review
No Sweat Detergent Review

I put No Sweat Detergent to the test with a few t-shirts that I have yet to toss because of pit-stains like this black shirt.

P1340066I used 1 oz of No Sweat Detergent with my load of sweaty clothes and let them soak for 10-15 minutes before washing. The results were breathtaking – in a good way! Although the stain wasn’t out 100%, it was remarkably better. I’m sure that with a few more washes, it will be good as new.

P1340088You can use No Sweat as a laundry detergent or as a laundry booster. For heavy sweat stained items, I suggest using No Sweat alone first, until the stains and oils are released. Then, use No Sweat as a booster to your regular laundry soap with every load. You can even use No Sweat directly to stains as a pre-wash soak. This detergent costs more than ordinary laundry detergents but in the end, it saves me more money because I’m not tossing sweat-stained clothes away! Plus, if I use it as a booster, I use less and keep my family’s clothes smelling fresh and stain free. For me, it’s worth it.

You can purchase No Sweat on the No Sweat website and on for about $15 each.

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