Ohio Mom Harassed for Breastfeeding at Pool

Norwalk, Ohio mom Chrissy Houtz reports being repeatedly harassed for breastfeeding her 1 year old baby at a Huron county pool. Ohio breastfeeding law specifically states that woman can breastfeed in any public or private location where the mom is otherwise permitted. So, what is the big deal? Why isn’t the pool standing up for Chrissy and her adorable baby boy? And if they are, why is this continuing to happen to her? Check out the full story on Fox8.com.

Fox 8 interviews Ohio Mom being harassed for nursing in public

So, what do you think? If she can nurse on national TV, don’t you think she should be able to nurse her hungry baby at the swimming pool? What do you think?

I nursed my babies everywhere

I nursed both my kids and never had any problems, stares, etc. I nursed in restaurants, in church, in dressing rooms, at the movies, at parties, even while going down the highway on the way to IKEA (that’s another story!), I nursed wherever and whenever my babies were hungry. With my first baby, I did hide more. I’d retreat to the bedroom if I was visiting friends or family, I’d even go to the nasty restroom if we were out and about (that only happened once!), I’d go to the nursery at church, or I’d go to the car. After a while, I realized that I was missing out on everything, on life, and that it was silly.

If I had been harassed for nursing my baby in public, I’m not sure what I would have done. What a shame that Chrissy Houtz has been repeatedly harassed. Good for her for standing up, knowing the law, and spreading the word about breastfeeding in public.

Photo by www.undercovermother.net

Let’s debate about breastfeeding in public

What do you think? Should this Ohio woman be allowed to nurse at the public pool? Should she be required to suffocate cover her baby with a towel? When it is not ok to nurse in public? Have you ever been harassed for breastfeeding in public?

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