Organ Donation – Out of the Chardon, Ohio Shooting Tragedy Comes Healing For Many

This past week we’ve all been hearing and attempting to process the details of the shooting at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio.  Like so many of you, I have been affected by the senseless deaths and the trauma caused to the students, staff, and families of that school.  My heart aches for the entire community, especially the families and friends of those young men who have lost their lives.

While I was watching some of the news coverage of the shootings the other day, it became clear that two of the families who had lost their sons, had decided to donate their children’s organs.  In fact, the news story told that both boys had expressed a desire to be organ donors to their families at some point in time.  Wow!  I was so impressed with the maturity and thoughtfulness of these young men.  I want to acknowledge and thank those families for making such giving decisions during such an unbelievably difficult and sad time.

Organ Donation – From One, Many are Given Renewed Life

A guest expert on the newscast then talked about the wonderful, life saving impact these 2 families would have with folks who are sick and whose only hope is organ transplant.  The statistics he shared were surprising to me:

  • A single organ donor can save up to 8 lives, with individual organs being provided to folks with different needs.
  • A single organ donor can help heal up to 50 people with tissue donations.
  • Every day, 18 people in the U.S. die waiting for an organ transplant.

I Want to Become an Organ Donor.  What Do I Need to Do?

  • All sorts of information and statistics can be found on
  • Discuss the issue of donating organs upon your death with your family members.  Find out how they would want you to proceed on their behalf as well.
  • Become a organ donor.  The most important step is to register with your state’s donor registry.  Click here to go to the State Donor Registry.
  • also suggests letting your physician, faith leader, and friends know your decision to donate as well.
  • Include your wish to be an organ donor in your will, advance directives, and living will.
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