Organizing Tips For a Small Household

If your home is a small, one-storey house or a little, one bedroom apartment, you need to be really clever in terms of how you store your personal possessions. Because of the fact that you have just a little spare space for storing purposes you have to make some good consideration in order to take full advantage of it the best way you can. Thankfully, there are some handy ideas, which you can implement so that you can grant more space to your small home.

Space in the closet

  • DIY Shelving
    In case your closet has just a shelf or two (or even none at all), why not install some yourself? This is how you will provide more space for storing your clothes. A couple of shelves is better than just a hanging rail.
  • Shoe rack over the door
    Are you one of the many people that find it difficult to store shoes? Getting a shoe rack will put an end to this problem of yours. Plus, it can be used for other things besides shoes, too. For instance, the first row can be used for hats, the second one for slippers, the next for shoes, etc.
  • Space under the bed
    When you start running out of space for storing purposes, you are forced to look for more alternatives. For example, under the bed. Especially if it is a king-size bed, there is a lot of space underneath, just waiting to be used. Of course, don’t simply throw the under the bed. First, you will have to store them in boxes or a suitcase or two, so that you can neatly put them in order.

Storage in the kitchen

  • Shelves
    These are always helpful. However, in the kitchen, put them above eye level so that you can save even more space. But not too high, otherwise it would be hard for you to reach things.
  • Wall storage
    Most small kitchens don’t have the sufficient amount of drawers in which one can store pans, graters, pots, etc. There is a solution to this: hooks. Install hooks wherever you can, so that you can hang your appliances on them.

Storage in the bathroom

  • Racks
    An average person stores a lot of objects in the bathroom – from sponges and various toiletries to hairbrushes and hairdryers. And, of course, not many bathrooms provide the space needed for all these items. A rack in one of the corners of the bathroom will definitely help you. It will be best to put it in such a position that it is within just a hand’s reach from both the shower and the sink. Needless to say, electrical appliances are to be stored in drawers, away from the water sources.

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