Orthopedic Inserts for All Shoe Types: Kendall GelThotics Review

Kendall Gel Orthotics in a Pump shoe pair

My husband and I both have aching feet most of the time. We were happy to review a totally new kind of  orthopedic inserts by  Kendall GelThotics.

Kendall GelThotics Review

The one thing I hate about orthopedic inserts or any shoe insert is that they are not easy to take in and out of shoes. I have more than one pair of shoes! Kendall GelThotics are totally different than any other orthopedic insert I’ve ever tried. They look different, work different, and are easily placed in and out of any shoe type.

The GelThotic is made of pure silicone, which means you will have years of support from this product without having to replace it! This silicone shoe insert fits into any type of shoe without changing the overall fit of the shoe. I have tried other products in the past and couldn’t use them in some shoes because they made the shoes too tight. The GelThotics do not change the fit your shoes. Instead, GelThotics provide a cradling perimeter of silicone that supports your entire foot from heel to forefoot. Simply place in your shoe and go!
Kendall Gel Orthotics in a Pump shoe pair

GelThotics fits in any shoe, including my beat up black shoes above! These orthopedic inserts can fit in dress shoes, sneakers, high heels, open toe shoes, Ski Boots, Cowboy Boots, Athletic shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, and more!

The Kendall GelThotics help releave pain in the forefoot, arch pain or plantar fasciitis, and heel pain. You receive support without friction, unlike other orthopedic inserts. GelThotics provide one of the highest levels of shock reduction ever tested because of the ultra-solft silicone gel. GelThotics redistributes pressure and shock across the forefoot, preventing foot pain.

Kendall Gel Orthotics help where is needed- and get out of the way when not!

I have used the Kendall GelThotics in the black shoes above as well as with dress shoes. You can actually place the GelThotics underneath the insole of many shoes, which is my preference. You can’t even tell they are there as they don’t slip and slide. They provide more support and cushion than without and do provide foot pain relief. I have also used them in dress shoes. It took a while to get use to the silicone being on top of the insole, however it did provide relief. After I got use to the new design of such a shoe insert, I really like the Kendall GelThotics.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Kendall who supplied the products for review and giveaway.

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