10 Activities To Foster Relaxation and Mental Well-Being

Being a mom means you are limited in the time and energy you can spend on yourself. Work, household chores, kids, and a thousand other things require careful attention. However, with just a little bit of effort, you can help foster relaxation and improve your mental well-being in the following ways.

1.  Mental health breaks

Whenever you feel like things are going a little too fast for your liking, take a step back and pause. Let the world fly by you at that moment, and relax.

2.   Involvement with nature

One of the best ways you can reduce stress and reset your mind is to be among nature. Make sure you go out for a walk in the park at least once every day.

3.  Moving your body more often

Exercise is a boon. It is undoubtedly the best way to be physically and mentally fit to look after your children and the household better.

4.  Mindful movement

Replace your car trips to the grocery store with mindful movement- a combination of exercise and mindfulness. It helps build awareness of the movement, using the feet as a source to remain connected to the earth.

5.  Maintaining a daily journal

One of the best ways to manage a hectic schedule is to keep track of your activities in a daily journal. This will help you be more organized with your obligations, thus, freeing up more time for relaxation.

6.  Playing card games

This is something that you can enjoy with your kids. For example, the solitaire card game can be played with your children, and it can help them develop their mental faculties, too, in addition to being a downtime activity for you.

7.  Taking a bath

This might sound odd on the list, but taking a bath involves changing your body temperature, which is a process of complete sensory slowdown. Much like how a computer reboots itself, a simple activity like taking a bath can help you relax and get ready to tackle what’s coming your way.

8.  Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

A lot of research has proven how Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) can reduce anxiety and stress, as well as promote mindfulness. This activity involves lying down, breathing deeply, and tightening and loosening every muscle in the body progressively.

9.  Cleaning

As a mom, you are probably sick of cleaning around the house. This is because you do it as an obligation. When you turn the tables around and look at cleaning as a form of exercise as well as a way to calm your nerves, you will ultimately be left with a spotless house and a relaxed mind.

10.   Getting a massage

Needless to say, a massage can loosen you up and help you relax. As a busy mom, you deserve a massage at least once weekly to stay fit and stimulated.

These activities will not necessarily take away from your obligations. In fact, with a better mindset, you can perform your duties much more flexibly.

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