Stop Hot Flashes COLD with Cold-Flash

Do you suffer from hot flashes? Are you tired of the embarrassing, uncomfortable effects of hot flashes?! Do you find yourself rushes to put your head in a freezer or stripping layers of clothes off as fast as you can? Hot flashes come suddenly without warning whether you are at home, work, church, or other public setting. It can be a very stressful and uncomfortable situation to say the least! If you have ever thought of putting ice down your shirt, or stood in front of an open freezer to cool down, you know how urgent the need for relief from hot flashes can be! I’ve found a discreet, reliable and easy-to-use product for instant relief from hot flashes with Cold-Flash!

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Over two-thirds of women experience hot flashes during perimenopause (years before menopause), during menopause, and after. Other causes of  hot flashes include starting chemotherapy, surgery, and stressful situations. No matter why you are getting hot flashes, they are no fun!  Although the freezer option works at home, you can’t carry around a freezer at work or in public!  Instead, pull out this secret weapon – Cold-Flash!

Cold-Flash stops hot flashes cold!

I have not experienced hot flashes yet, but I know they are coming and I want to be prepared. I do experience hot flashes when I’m stressed out and nervous! I also get ‘overheated’ after blow drying and curling my hair since my hair is so thick and heavy! So, I use Cold-Flash for non-menopause situations and it works great. If I’m rushing around the house before guests arrive, I simply use the Cold-Flash for a few moments to cool down. I also use it to cool off after heating my head up with the blowdry and curling iron! It is just a nice tool to have on hand for any type of hot flash or over heating situations!

This small and portable device delivers mighty relief instantly! It doesn’t even require batteries, simply charge it with the USB connector. Each charge gives you 2 hours of relief! You can even charge it at work, in your car, etc so you always have the cooling relief at your fingertips anywhere you go. Plus, it is so discreet that nobody needs to know what it is or your business at work or in public!

You can purchase Cold-Flash on the Beuler website on sale now for $69.50 (normally $98.50)

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