Get a Skinny Tan in Minutes with this Natural Self Tanner

natural self tanner

Just in time for bathing suit time, get a skinny tan that will not only give you a gorgeous tan but also reduce the appearance of cellulite! For the first time in the USA, Skinny Tan offers salon quality self tanners that instantly bronze your skin for up to 7 days with high quality naturally derived and Eco-friendly agents from the Braissica Napus plant.


I’ve been enjoying a beautiful tan for the last couple weeks and feel fabulous. As a red-head, I never get a good tan and I’m envious of those that do. Now I have a lovely, natural looking tan with NO streaks with Skinny Tan. I’ve tried other products that have left my skin looking orange with uneven coverage. I’ve tried the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner, Tanning Mouse, and 7 Day Tanner with wonderful results.

This is me before using Skinny Tan.

before using skinny tan

This is me with just one application of Skinny Tan – wearing no makeup – just lip gloss and 6 inches of hair cut off.

after using skinny tan

I like the Gradual Tanner the most because it gives you a light tan at first and then you can get darker and darker, depending on the number of applications. It is very natural looking. Just apply like you would a daily lotion.

The application is easy, just massage into your skin and rinse the bronzing layer off 5 hours or so later to reveal a healthy looking tan. It’s so easy.

Using Skinny Tan is easy and NOT SMELLY. Simply massage it into your skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and blemishes. I hate having white legs, I’ve never had a natural tan on my legs, ever.

before using skinny tan on legs

Now, I have tanned legs after just one application. If I want them darker, all I need to do is apply more Skinny Tan!

after using skinny tan on legs

I’m very picky about scent, something that has stopped me from trying many other self tanners – I just can’t stand the smell. With Skinny Tan, I couldn’t be more pleased. There is no foul smell, only a pleasant, light fragrance that he hardly noticeable upon application and completely gone after showering.

For an instant tans, I suggest the Mousse. It offers a darker tan that last up to 2 weeks with just one application. It is a little different than a lotion because it is a light fluffy mousse. It is easy to apply though and leaves no streaks.


I recommend giving Skinny Tan a try if you’d like a beautiful, healthy looking tan (without the harmful sun rays to get it) and if you want to appear slimmer with the reduced appearance of cellulite.

Skinny Tan products are available exclusively on the Skinny Tan USA website, starting at just $29.95.

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