Natural Homeopathic Pain Relief for Cramps that Works!

When I’m in pain, I can’t function, especially when it is from cramps. I have tried everything – pain relievers, heating pads, heat wraps, and change in diet yet sometimes I have still in excruciating pain and want to stay in bed for a day. Periods are a part of life for women but they shouldn’t alter your life. When I learned about Period Gel, I was skeptical. How could a simple gel help my pain? But it was worth a try and I’m glad I tried it!

Period Gel is a natural way to get pain relief from cramps (and I would assume other pain but not sure).  It is comprised of 18 active ingredients – 17 botanicals and 1 mineral. You can trust the formula, as it is listed with the FDA as a pharmaceutical grade alternative medicine. So, how do botanicals help with cramps? That was my biggest question.  The way this natural homeopathic pain relief product works is that it inhibits pain sensitive neurons where you are having cramps.  The ingredients work together to stop the spasmodic and pulsating pain in the uterus, ovaries and abdominal muscles.

I received product to facilitate this post.

Instead of covering up the problem like pain relievers do, Period Gel targets and stops the pain. I love this! In fact, Period Gel is safer to use because it is all natural – you aren’t masking the pain with medicine.

For me, I’m happy that this is a product I can use and easily take with me in my purse. I have relied too much in the past on heating pads – using them for an unsafe amount of time on HIGH to try to dull the pain. It helped some, but not enough. Period Gel takes the bulk of the pain away quickly and for hours at a time.

Period Gel is easy to use and safe even for tweens and teens just getting their period. It is a thin, clear gel that you apply to your lower abdomen and wherever you feel the period cramps.

I get back pain during my period and even thigh pain, so I also apply Period Gel there to stop the spasms.  The gel dries in just a couple minutes and you won’t even know its there. There is no smell, dyes, residue, or sting – it goes on clear and dries clear.

Purchase Period Gel

You can purchase Period Gel on their website on sale now for just $39.95. One bottle will last for 6 -8 months or more! It is well worth it if you suffer from period cramps.

The product is guaranteed, if you don’t like it, return it for a full refund.

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