Revitalize Your Showering Routine

A hot shower on a cool morning wakes me up and revitalizes my body. I’ve always showered in the morning, every single morning even as a child. It is the best way for me to wake up and get ready for the day.

My morning showing routine is my me-time. Even when my kids were babies, I made sure I took time every morning to shower in order to feel like ‘me’. I know many moms that skip everything when baby arrives, including showering, fixing their hair and putting on a little makeup. They skip it all. I understand the time constraints but for me, there is no way I could skip it.

As moms, we are multi-tasking from the moment we wake up until we finally go to bed at night. Shower time is no exception. I try not to stress over the day’s tasks ahead during my morning shower routine but I do work through things in my mind out or aloud while showering.

If I have a tv appearance ahead, I rehearse what I want to say.

Sometimes I listen to the news and other times I listen to KLove or 95.5 The Fish and use this time as a time of singing in the shower to God and praying.

Softsoap® BRAND Luminous Oils Body Washes

I received product by Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes.

I usually go through a checklist of what I need to accomplish that day too. I even draft blog posts in my mind while I shower, especially when I’m testing out a product for the blog like the New Softsoap® BRAND Luminous Oils Body Washes.

Oh, the way my skin feels after using these new body washes is simply luxurious. My skin feels nourished, moisturized, smooth, and smells amazing. It really made me think about how Softsoap is helping me multitask while showering. With one bottle, I am able to both cleanse my skin and hydrate it at the same time. What a beautiful way to multi-task.

I like to use my showering time to get ready for the day, to wake up, and to pamper myself a little with great products that make me look and feel my best like the new Softsoap® BRAND Luminous Oils Body Washes. They lather up with rich, soft suds that smell marvelous.

The new fragrant-rich, luxurious body washes  come in two variants:

Avocado Oil & Iris
Macadamia Oil & Peony

Softsoap® BRAND Luminous Oils Body Washes

They are both lovely without being overwhelming in scent.

I wash away the sleepy, groggy me and turn into a refreshed, ready-to-go person – usually.

Sometimes I still require a good cup of coffee to get my day started, especially if I’ve had a long night of waking up multiple times to test my kids’ blood sugar levels but between the two (showering and coffee) I am ready to face just about anything my day has in store for me.

Be sure to pick up a couple bottles of Softsoap® BRAND Luminous Oils Body Washes while shopping this week. They run less than $3 a bottle!

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