5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Better Immune Health

Ester-C Immune Support

Taking care of your immune system is a year-round effort for better overall hearth. Check out these 5 healthy lifestyle tips for better immune health by Premiere Ambassador of USA Today Sports Active Alliance.

Know What To Eat

Avoid fatty, fried, or foods loaded with sugar. Concentrate on foods that are macro- and micro-nutrient dense as our stomachs are the epicenter of good immune health.

Always Hydrate

Stay hydrated by drinking water. Drinking water flushes your body of potential toxins and aids in digestion of food. Learn more about how much water to drink and other tips on drinking water here.

Enjoy Exercise & Sleep

Exercise promotes good circulation and immune support. Getting adequate sleep gives your body the downtime it needs for immune support maintenance. Find great tips on how to achieve better sleep, how many hours to sleep, and drug-free remedies for sleep here.

Control Stress to Support Your Body

Stress impacts your body and immune system, especially chronic stress. Find ways to achieve a healthy well being.

Understand the Vitamin C You’re Taking:

Studies have proven that Ester-C is better retained in your body than the traditional ascorbic acid found in traditional vitamin C. Ester C contains calcium ascorbate and small amounts of the vitamin C metabolites that make it a highly absorbable form of vitamin C in the body.

Ester-C Immune SupportI received product to facilitate this post.

Taking Ester-C daily is an effective way for the entire family to achieve better immune health year-round. Vitamin C differs in characteristics, quality, and even tolerability for stomach sensitivity. Ester-C allows you to get more out of vitamin C while being gentle on the stomach.

I like that Ester-C offers a variety of Ester-C products for the whole family including their Immune Plus Probiotics for 24 hour support, a 2-in-1 product.   I love that Easter-C stays in your white blood cells for up to 24 hours. Plus, did you know that 70% of your immune cells are in the digestive tract? It makes sense to take probiotics to keep bacteria levels in check for a healthier immune system. Ester-C Immune SupportMy kids love the Ester-C® Immune CHARGE Gummies and so do I. They are a tasty way to get vitamin C daily. They have a good taste, texture, and you only need to eat one which differs from other gummies. We add them to our daily vitamins, especially when we are around people that are sick or will be traveling. You can take them daily like us or add them to your regimen as needed. Ester-C Immune SupportI hope you’ll add these 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Better Immune Health to your family’s regimen, including Ester-C products.  It is amazing how immune health affects your entire overall health and wellness.

You can purchase Ester-C products on Amazon.com.

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